FINALLY A Season Ticket Holder!!!!

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    Gotcha Smeagle, it's like that though in the bad years here. It'd be one thing if we recently started sucking, I'm sure most of the fans would be there, but we're going on 20 years now.

    It wasn't that cold Inclulbus, but then again I was trashed so I'm sure I felt warmer than I was. The worst game I've ever been to was the game against the Bears in 07, 23 degrees, little windy and flurries, I was frozen that game.

    But yeah, last couple of seasons have been funny hearing some of the fans getting pissed, I've heard a few "LETS GO CAPS" chants in the stands before too.

    If Shanahan and Allen can't help turn this around, I'm sold we'll never be good. It's sad when tailgating is the best part of the gameday experience than the actual game.
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