Floyd Mayweather Jr. To Fight Canelo Alvarez On Sept. 14

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    This time the fight that boxing fans want to see most got made.

    Pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather Jr. and junior middleweight champion Saul "Canelo" Alvarez signed on Wednesday night to fight Sept. 14 in the main event of a Showtime pay-per-view event at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in the biggest fight boxing has to offer.

    "I chose my opponent for September 14th and it's Canelo Alvarez," Mayweather tweeted to break the news. "I'm giving the fans what they want."

    Mayweather holds a world title at welterweight (147 pounds), but he also still owns a junior middleweight title (154), which he won by outpointing Miguel Cotto in May 2012. After that fight, Mayweather returned to welterweight and defended the title against Roberto Guerrero in a lopsided unanimous decision win on May 4 at the MGM Grand.

    But he is moving back up in weight to face Alvarez (42-0-1, 30 KOs) with their belts on the line, although the fight will be contested at a catchweight of 152 pounds.

    Source: ESPN
  2. IX 7 III

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    This will be a great fight. I believe the Mexican kid will destroy Mayweather. Canelo fights like a machine. He's so methodical on his approach, he just focuses on you n picks you apart. Similar to Mayweather, but Canelo has the goods to knock a guy out in any round. The Paquiao fight is never gonna happen...this is the next best thing. Can't wait.

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  3. Steve12

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    Boxing is so far beyond dead. No one gives a crap who this douchebag fights. There is 1 fight that could bring any meaningful publicity to boxing, and they refuse to do it. So heck em.
  4. IX 7 III

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    I totally agree with you. Mayweathers camp got scared of Paquiao n had him jump thru hoops n in the end, all there was were pissed off fans. UFC is a 100 times better (UFC 160 was great, except for that short main event) n if boxing wants to remain relevant, changes (idk what) need to be made. Every time i see a PPV boxing fight i hope its two, hard hitting, big n scary guys. Instead its always middle weight or less. The days of the heavy weights, just like boxing itself, are pretty much over. Its a shame.

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  5. TJ

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    Canelo will get killed. And I'm mexican. I just don't think he's ready, but Floyd is not getting any younger and by the time Canelo is ready, Floyd will be retired or close to it.

    I still wish him luck. He's gonna need it.

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  6. codatious99

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    its one of the last big fights boxing can offer
  7. DaBears22

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    The last " big fight " that I saw was Tyson vs Holyfield when Tyson went all Walking Dead in the ring. Talk about a waste of money lol. I did see Chris Byrd fight a couple of times in a casino but other than that, I don't pay attention to boxing.