For Packers Fans, Superstitions Are Serious Business

Discussion in 'Green Bay Packers' started by skinsfan1, Jan 17, 2008.

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    If the Green Bay Packers want to guarantee themselves a win this weekend, all they have to do is make sure John Van Alstyne lowers his team flag before kickoff.

    The 43-year-old production engineer flies the faded flag in his front yard all week but takes it down just before the start of each Packers game. Three times this season he forgot to lower it - each time he was out of town - and those same three weeks the Packers suffered their only losses.
    "It's all my fault," joked Van Alstyne. "I'm attributing their losses to me."

    Maybe it's not just him. Plenty of fans are convinced - with varying degrees of resolve - that their clothes, their beer, even their teddy bears determine whether the Packers win or lose.

    Green Bay hosts the New York Giants on Sunday in the NFC title game. The winner advances to the Super Bowl to face either the undefeated New England Patriots or the San Diego Chargers.

    Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle will be doing his part to generate good karma for the home team. According to spokesman Matt Canter, Doyle plans to wear the same lucky Packers sweat shirt and hat he wore last Saturday when Green Bay beat the Seattle Seahawks 42-20.

    "He loves the green and gold. This is just a fantastic team with the best quarterback," Canter said. "He'll be cheering them on with a small degree of superstition."
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    Lets hope he lowers the flag and the Pack go to the SB.
  3. brakos82

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    Wonder if it's enough to defeat the Pats?... :cowboy1:
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    Lmao..I am soooooooo superstitious, the 3 times they lost this year.. my neighbor WATCHED the game.. no more watching, can only listen on the radio. Although I told him if the Pack makes it to the superbowl he can watch, but as soon as they start to lose.. he is going in a snowbank!
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    The Pats havn't won yet.
  6. brakos82

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    Well I'm assuming they do... :whoosh:
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    Yeah but Olshansky says the Pats are more scared than they are and they know whats up!:rofl:
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    I'm going to relay to the guys on the field, not to any superstitious rituals or woodoo crap.