Former Dolphins Head Coach And Hall-Of-Famer Don Shula Speaks Out On Rookie Hazing

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    Don Shula --- who will join Tony Dungy, Dan Marino, Jason Taylor and Curtis Martin on a Dolphins committee that will formulate a locker-room code of conduct --- says Dolphins veterans should no longer be permitted to make rookies pay for a $30,000 dinner at Prime 112, as they did with defensive rookies last season. "That's ridiculous," Shula said. "It's not right. Why should they have to do that? Our rookie hazing was just playful stuff, but I don't remember any incident that was uncomfortable or out of line. This is carrying it too far. Everybody has to get back to common sense and don't do anything that causes any longterm harm or ill feelings."

    Source: Miami Herald
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    It'll be interesting if things start coming out now from former players that the past wasn't all "just playful stuff".

    However, if his comment holds up for the most part, once again it goes back to the organizations turning a blind eye to stuff going on that they should have easily identified.
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    I'm sure rookie hazing goes on IF not in every NFL locker room, BUT MOST NFL locker rooms. Theres no harm no foul hazing like making a rookie carry your shoulder pads after practice or duct taping them to a goal post. What Richie Incognito, John Jerry, & Mike Pouncy where doing, theres NO EXCUSE for that at all. I'm with Don Shula on this one.
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    Of you read the report , it's was a banter between Ritchie and Martin going back and forth both being equally vile and nasty.

    I was listening to sport radio with randy cross and Chris draft and he's got a theory about the timing of him leaving. Bryant Mckinie was traded for and Martin all the sudden has a break down the next couple of days.