Former Dolphins OL Richie Incognito: You cannot define me in 144 pages

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    Via his verified Twitter account, Dolphins offensive guard Richie Incognito appeared to offer a 113-character take on the Wells Report on Friday night: "You could not define me in 144 years let alone 144 pages Mr Wells," Incognito wrote, referring to attorney Ted Wells, who headed the NFL's investigation. "hank you for your hard work and dedication." Incognito's account appeared to be down at multiple points on Friday night. Incognito also tweeted this on Friday night: "Bully? Or Friend?..." At the end of his tweet, he included a link to a suicide prevention hotline. On Wednesday, Incognito alleged via Twitter that teammate Jonathan Martin had contemplated taking his own life. Later Friday, Incognito would tweet: "Goodbye twitter. Be well See you on the other side."

    Source: Pro Football Talk
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