Former NFL QB Steve McNair Shot Dead in Tennessee

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    Former NFL quarterback Steve McNair was shot multiple times, including once in the head, and a pistol was discovered near the body of the 20-year-old woman found dead with him Saturday in a downtown condominium. Nashville police spokesman Don Aaron identified the woman as Sahel Kazemi, whom he called a "friend" of McNair's. She had a single gunshot wound to the head. Police said the 36-year-old McNair was found on the sofa in the living room, and Kazemi was very close to him on the floor.

    Source: Associated Press
  2. Evasfunk

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    Wow...RIP Air McNair
  3. DawkinsINT

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    Holy crap! R.I.P.
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    I did'nt see it here yet and I was about to send Dawkins the link. Damn Shame about McNair.
  5. DoubleC

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    Holy crap!!!
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    Jesus Christ! I can't believe this, man this totally hecks up my day - RIP Steve McNair.
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    Holy crap :shock:

    R.I.P. :icon_sad:
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    OMG WTF!?!

    R.I.P. Steve...

    This is freaking horrible...

  9. hermhater

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    OMG WTF!?!

    R.I.P. Steve...

    This is freaking horrible...

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    This is horrible...I loved watching him play...They're saying his wife shot him and then shot herself...not sure if that's true or not, yet. It's so sad....Rest in Peace Steve. :icon_sad:
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    This was about out of the blue as you can get.
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    He was one of the toughest QB's...I couldn't believe some of the games where I watched him play so injured, that any other QB would've been on the bench....I loved watching him play. This is just sad. :icon_cry:
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    RIP Steve. :( Terrible news.
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    RIP Steve Screw whats happening in this world?????????
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    I'm in complete shock. Growing up he was one of my favourite players and one of the reasons why I fell in love with this sport.

    Just cannot believe it...RIP Air McNair :icon_sad:
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    Wow...that is really sad. Rest in peace, Steve McNair. :(
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    wow, he was one of the good ones. RIP Air McNair
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    holy heck
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    Unfreaking Believable.

    RIP My Friend.