Former P Chris Kluwe Hasn't Ruled Out Suing Vikings

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    Former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe has not ruled out a lawsuit against the team regarding wrongful termination, but the filing of any such suit is not imminent. Kluwe had been under the impression he might have to sue by May 6 because of a possible one-year statute of limitations from when he was released May 6, 2013. However, Kluwe's lawyer and an attorney speaking for the Vikings said Friday night the team has agreed to extend the deadline for when Kluwe could file any suit. Kluwe alleged in a January article on he was released because of his outspoken support for same-s*x marriage, and he accused Minnesota special-teams coordinator Mike Priefer of making homophobic remarks in 2012. The Vikings have said Kluwe was released for football-only reasons, and Priefer has denied Kluwe's allegations.

    St. Paul Pioneer Press
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    Kluwe needs to take his ego and freak off!
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    This guy just doesn't have a Kluwe, does he?
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