Frank Gore's FF Value

Discussion in 'Fantasy Football Advice' started by wide right, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. wide right

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    Frank Gore broke his hand in camp yesterday.
    Most mocks have him going #3 or #4 overall prior to this injury. How do you think this injury affects his value and his place in the draft? Is he a one season wonder or will he be healed in time to live up to his preseason hype?

    Personally I don't think it sounds too serious and he should be fine when the season opens. RBs don't really need camp as much as other players. Last year LT had a big fat zero carries in the preseason and still did pretty good for himself. I hope people in my main league see this injury as a problem and he slips in the draft. I still wouldn't hesitate to draft him if he fell to me anywhere after the #2 pick.
  2. Chrisbob

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    It would depend on league scoring. Gore had some trouble early last season with fumbles and a hand injury, regardless of whether it's the hand he carries with or not, could effect that. Especially if he is held from contract drills or pre-season games.

    Talent wise, I have no doubt he can still be productive and he's a player who should only get better but if a league hits fumbles with hard negative points, I would be a little weary.
  3. afjay

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    Given the severity of the injury I don't think he'll miss any time. I don't see it as hurting his draft status at all. He should still be a top tier RB and will still go early in most drafts.