Free Agent CB Pacman Jones Lobbying To Play For The Lions

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  1. Former Titans and Cowboys CB Pacman Jones wants to play in the NFL again and has been communicating with Lions head coach Jim Schwartz gauging the team's interest in him. Jones hasn't played since 2008, when he was suspended for six weeks on the heels of a year-long ban in 2007. Jones told the Detroit Free Press he has moved on from the "dumb decisions" he made in the past and has matured. Jones told the Free Press he's been in contact with the Lions coach: "I texted him and just told him that I'm still available, I like what they did in the draft. It was just a simple text message. And he was like, 'Thanks. Keep your head up and keep the faith.' We left it at that. I can't even put it in words how much I want to get back. I would just love to play football, period, but I think Detroit would be a great fit."

    Source: USA Today
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    he must be outta money,
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    It ain't cheap to "make it rain"
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    yueah he was on sports radio in atl today and he was talking about how his people are tlking to the lioms and greenbay