Giants Allows Players To Work Out At Facility

Discussion in 'New York Giants' started by Sweets, Apr 26, 2011.

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    The New York Giants have gotten a jump on the remainder of the NFL, becoming the first club to allow players to work out at the team’s facility. Defensive lineman Chris Canty worked out today, less than 24 hours after the lockout was lifted in a Minnesota courtroom. It’s unofficially believed the Giants are the only team to allow players to work out in their complex today. “Why are you guys so surprised?†Canty told reporters, according to Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star Ledger. “This is the New York Football Giants, though. It's not the Jets.†Running back Brandon Jacobs and wide receiver Mario Manningham also showed. The players met with coaches and staff members. “In light of last night’s ruling by Judge Nelson, we were directed by the league that if our players showed up at the Timex Performance Center today to treat them with courtesy and respect,†team spokesman Pat Hanlon said, per the report. “That message, which sounds a lot like how we always treat our players, was reinforced to our staff by our ownership. "As of now, three Giants players have shown up at Timex today, a number that is understandable given that we are all awaiting further rulings from the court and both the league and the NFLPA have indicated we need time to sort out the meaning of the current status of the litigation.â€

    Source: National Football Post
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    Good for them mice IMO
  3. Litez0ut

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    I wish my team would allow players to work out like that.
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    I hope this doesnt backfire on new york
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    Debbie downer....
  6. We were the first team not to charge fans for season tickets until after the lockout and now the first to allow players to workout at the team facility.

    The G-Men have and will always be a first class organization......unlike that other New York team.

    Other teams can learn a thing a two.
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    Class move by the Gmen.. :beer:
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    Heard this wont be lasting long.. I'm sure some owners called them and told them to stop making them look bad.
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    It was a smart move and it was a classy move. I support this decision completely! GO GIANTS!!!