Giants Coach Tom Coughlin Praises DE Jason Pierre-Paul

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    Giants head coach Tom Coughlin was in a good mood after the team's second practice and he discussed a variety of subjects. On the importance of first-round pick Jason Pierre-Paul signing and getting into camp on time: "If a guy like that doesn't get in, gets behind ... we all heard the stories about the South Florida experience where he was late (transferring in) and the coaches wisely decided there was no sense in teaching him everything, just teach him what he needs to know. In this case he gets a chance to make a nice early start." Coughlin likes that Pierre-Paul is raw and has great athletic talent. "When you watch him, he was on our punt return team and his arms are here to the road over there," the coach said. "So when he gets his arms over there and locks up on somebody, he does a good job. He does a good job of a lot of those athletic things."

    Source: Ohm Youngmisuk, ESPN New York
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    eh, i'm already tired of the giants hyping up this kid. i felt they reached for him. let's see how he does on the field and stop trying to justify the reach. we're all going to find out soon enough if you knew something everyone else didn't or if it was, in fact, a reach.
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    Jags were taking him next it wasn't only the Giants....
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    jags also took tyson alualu at the 10th pick lol i thought it was a reach too tbh.
  5. There was interest from other clubs...just not from Jacksonville.

    Tennessee also had interest in taking JPP but took Derrick Morgan when Pierre-Paul was off the board.

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    That was the biggest reach in the draft in my honest opinion, more so than Tim Tebow but I think the two are very close.
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    Got a problem with the Giants, Capt.? Seems you only have negativity towards them. From predictions to their players.

    And you are wrong. We won't know soon enough. He's raw, potentially a bit of a project, "a reach", right? So you can't call bust in a couple games or a year where he's 3rd deep.

    Where is all this Giants hyping JPP junk at? Most crap I read is pretty subdued. God forbid "The Reach" gets a positive comment in camp.

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  7. JPP is not going to light it up on the first couple days of camp.

    He still has work to do but he has tremendous natural talent and a lot of desire. Can't help but be enamored with the kid with those kind of qualities.
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    Shh, it's annoying Capt. :wink:
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    I'm fine with you supporting your 1st round pick but can you not say your enamored with him anymore? That creeped me out.
  10. pfft....:icon_cheesygrin:

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    Hmm, that is a little creepy. *pinches nipple*

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    My nipple or yours?
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    Lets hope he does great on the field this year
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    Grrrrrrrrr! :icon_smile:
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    Can you growl like that as you pinch our nipples?

    Even if this kid pans out I still don't expect the Giant's D to be the difference maker it was a few years ago.
  18. SoDev

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    Yes... just just need to pinch harder.

    I like that you are thinking that way about the D. I think you are sleeping hard.
  19. Ohm Youngmisuk: