Giants Coach Tom Coughlin Rips DE Jason Pierre-Paul For Being Overweight

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    Jason Pierre-Paul might be one of the Giants’ biggest stars, but coach Tom Coughlin made it clear yesterday the young defensive end isn’t immune from public criticism by his coach, Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post reports.

    Speaking at the NFL’s annual meetings, Coughlin revealed that Pierre-Paul reported to training camp overweight last summer and struggled much of the year to get rid of the extra pounds.

    The surplus weight may have played a role in the back issues that hindered Pierre-Paul in 2012, not to mention a stunning dropoff in sack production that prompted Coughlin to do what few in the Giants’ organization have done publicly — express disappointment in the former first-round pick.

    “He didn’t play as well as the year before,†Coughlin said glumly before shrugging his shoulders when asked why he thought Pierre-Paul plummeted from 16.5 sacks during the Giants’ 2011 Super Bowl run to 6.5 sacks last season.

    Coughlin admitted Pierre-Paul’s weight was an issue much of the year, Coughlin wouldn’t specify how overweight Pierre-Paul was when he reported to camp, but the coach said it took well into the second half of the schedule to get him back to his ideal weight of 275 pounds.

    “He was big when he came to camp,†Coughlin said.

    Coughlin also doesn’t appear to be buying Pierre-Paul’s excuse that the extra weight was acceptable because it was more muscle than body fat.

    “There’s not a lot of body fat [with Pierre-Paul], yes, but still ...†Coughlin said, the frustration obvious in his voice.

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