Giants Expect Jim Sorgi To Be The Backup QB

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    Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride seems to have a firm grip on who will be his backup quarterback this season. "Right now, you figure Jim (Sorgi) is going to be the backup unless some extraordinary thing happened differently," Gilbride said. "We really gave a lot of reps to Jim than we did to Rhett (Bomar). You're giving Jim a chance to be exposed to your offense, so he got as many reps as Eli (Manning) did." Bomar, last year's fifth-round pick, split the third tier of reps with rookie undrafted free agent Riley Skinner. Being third on the depth chart would seemingly spell the end of Bomar's chances of making the roster, as the Giants have only kept two QBs the past couple of years, but Gilbride indicated that could change if Bomar impresses in camp. "He's got a real good shot" of convincing the team to keep three quarterbacks, Gilbride said.

    Source: Mike Garafalo, Newark Star-Ledger
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    Rock on Jim!