Giants Finalize Contract Extension With Coach Tom Coughlin

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  1. Just as John Mara promised at the end of the disappointing 2010 season, Tom Coughlin is not only back, he’s going to stay as the head coach of the Giants for a few more years. The Giants have finally signed Coughlin to his long-awaited contract extension – a deal everyone knew was coming, but was delayed by the lengthy NFL lockout. Now that it’s over, Coughlin was finally able to put pen to paper and secure his immediate future in New York. “As I was when I was hired in 2004, I am grateful for the opportunity to be the head coach of the Giants,†Coughlin said in a statement released by the team. “(It) is the fulfillment of a dream for somebody who grew up where I grew up. I am thankful to work for the Maras and the Tisches and Jerry Reese and his staff, my coach(es) and players.†The details of the contract were not immediately available, but Coughlin’s old contract was expected to run out after the 2011 season. The Giants are currently preparing an announcement that will be released soon. Despite a 10-6, playoff-less season last year, Mara and co-owner Steve Tisch have always maintained their belief and trust in Coughlin, and their desire to hopefully let him stay here as long as the 65-year-old wishes to coach. “As we said after the season, we strongly believe in Tom,†Mara said. “We believe in the job he has done.â€

    Source: NY Daily News
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  2. Sounds good......:icon_cool:
  3. nyg hitstick

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    Bill Cowher is pissed off somewhere.
  4. Sportsguy

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    I am not a fan of coughlin. But lets hope he proves that he deserved this extension
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    I thought he would have closer to being on the hot seat than getting an extension.
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    As did I. I think the Giants are posed to make a run into the playoffs, they must make them at the very least to prove the he deserved the extension.