Giants RB Brandon Jacobs Doesn't Think He'll Be A Giant In 2012

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    In an interview with Men's Fitness magazine, Giants running back Brandon Jacobs said that neither he or Ahmad Bradshaw are being used as much as they could. "It’s a very confusing thing. I’m just here, doing the best that I can do to help my team," Bradshaw said. "I come out to win; it’s up to them whether or not they want to use me. I just can’t wait to get a true opportunity to get out there and show myself again, you know? Next year, hopefully. This is a business and you have to look at it that way. I just want to get out there and show myself. It’s going to have to be for another team, but it is what it is. It comes with the territory." Jacobs also adds that he doesn't see himself back with the Giants next year.

    Source: The Red Zone
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    Time for him to put up or shut up. He'll get plenty of opportunity now.