Giants RB Brandon Jacobs To Ask For A Trade?

Discussion in 'New York Giants' started by SRW, Sep 20, 2010.

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    Vinny DiTrani of the Bergen Record says a source is telling him that Brandon Jacobs will meet with Giants management Monday and request a trade. B. Jacobs The bulldozing 265-pound running back lost his starting job to Ahmad Bradshaw during training camp and the temperamental Jacobs has frequently butted heads with members of the New York media, and, reading between the lines, he seems to have an iffy relationship with the coaching staff. Jacobs has not been an effective runner this season or all of last season. The Giants gave Jacobs a new contract worth $13 million in guarantees prior to last season. If Jacobs does get dealt – and, given New York's lack of running back depth, it's highly unlikely he will – his last hurrah in Big Blue will have been the bizarre helmet in the stands incident.

    Source: CBS Sports
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    Trade this guy I am sick of hearing about him, Bradshaw is better!
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    Don't let the door hit you in the butt... he hasn't done crap in over a year and he's always saying and doing stupid crap.
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    Sorry guys, but those comments have no thought behind them....

    There are a couple of issues to this matter:

    1/ Bradshaw is a better RB (especially with the O-Line being unable to make the holes that other teams seem to generate for their running backs and that we used to be able to do). But losing Jacobs would completely stuff our RB depth (because you know Ahmad is a possible injury concern).

    2/ Jacobs has been side stepping and trying to be something that he isn't. I suspect this has a lot to do with the Giants trying to make him something that he isn't.

    3/ Gilbride has basically abandoned using Jacobs properly or at all.As was demonstrated yesterday, Gilbride does not run the ball. When the best running back set-up to take advantage of the colts size was Jacobs first and Bradshaw later (as per previous years) Gilbride, even when we have a opponent which has evident problems with defending the run, is a throw long downfield coach and simply has demonstrated his ineptitude and lack of ability to develop a gameplan suited to the opposition.

    In the first half, Gilbride had 2 occcasions where he had 2 or more runs together in a row. Against a suspect run defence, that is beyond belief.

    4/ At least Jacobs has some fire, which is something I just haven't seen in the rest of the team at all.

    In these circumstances, I am entirely unsurprised that Jacobs wants a trade.
  5. A $25 Million dollar mistake....

    I've never seen a big running back dance around so much as Jacobs's freaking frustrating.
  6. I'm willing to bet deep down....Bradshaw knows that Jacobs, along with his attitude....stinks.