Giants Sign FS Antrel Rolle To A Five-Year, $37M Deal

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  1. Phillips is wearing #21 for that same reason. Taylor's original number was #36 when he was originally drafted by the Redskins.
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    Yes but Sean Taylor and Antrel Rolle were child hood friends, Rolle wore 6 at the []_[] and Taylor wore 26...I am guessing he will choose 26 to represent Sean's number from their Miami days. I think 26 was taken at the time he was drafted by the Redskins so he was stuck with 36.
  3. Ah, I see where your getting at. He could very well chose #26 to honor Taylor as well.

    Taylor, Rolle and Phillips all attended The (Safety) U and all Hurricane alumni have a special bond with one another.
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    Yep I am very excited to see Phillips and Rolle on the field together, I think if Phillips is recovering like he says he is (stated on his recent blog entry that he feels like he could play tomorrow if he had too) than it will be a very scary safety tandem. Not to mention the bond that they will form both being products of the []_[] and with both having a great deal of respect for Sean I think they will get along just fine and end up wreaking havoc back there for years to come.

    Btw awesome job breaking the news :icon_thumright:
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    Thanks evan. I was looking forward to breaking this piece of news the most. :icon_cheesygrin:
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    Yeah I'd love to have 2 UT Safeties on Dallas. Mike Griffin and Earl Thomas.... HAH! Scary thought.
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    FA is just amazing. Rolle would have a tough time getting ANY votes as a top 5 safety, maybe even top 10. And yet he is now the highest paid.


    Solid pickup. I'd be happy if I were a Giants fan, but as an Eagles fan I don't think all that much of the move.
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    That's the way it have to pay if you need a player, and the Giants needed a solid FS who could make plays. He's not great, but he does make plays and he is young enough (unlike so many others in free agency). Now they can focus on DT and LB in the first 2 rounds of the draft (assuming BPA doesn't throw up a much better option).
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    Couple things to note...

    He's 27, won't be 28 until late next season
    He was originally drafted as a CB 8th overall where he played his first 3 years
    He was moved to FS for the '08 season where he's excelled, making the pro bowl in '09 (as a 3rd reserve)
    He's young and even younger as a safety, there is a lot of potential upside with this kid

    Give me some more nuggets.
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  11. A few quotes from Antrel Rolle's press conference:

    NY Daily News
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    BBB called it. Rolle said he'd wear #26.
  13. :icon_cool:
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  15. The difference being Sanders signed an extension of a previous contract. Rolle's contract is from scratch.
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    :shrug: because it's an extension 37.5 with 20 mil guaranteed is less than 37 with 15 mil guaranteed?

  17. Just little differences between their two deals.

    Rolle is also due $22.5M in the first three years of his deal. Thats probably the tip right there.
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    Well, all that truly matters in any deal is the guaranteed monies so if anything is the tip... 20 mil vs. 15 should be it.

    Another Giants fan brought it up so I'm asking, I don't really care other than curiosity, but you can't just pick a piece of it like ext. vs. scratch, first 3 years vs. the term of the contract. At the end of the day the contract is what it is and Bob's was a lot bigger simply for the guaranteed money.
  19. It doesn't matter anyways. Just pointless nitpicking. :icon_cheesygrin:

    Maybe theres other incentives included in his contract that we don't know about yet. It just looks good on paper, like most blockbuster deals.
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