Giants took 10 minutes to pass on Justin Tuck

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    At his exit meeting with the Giants after this past season, Justin Tuck said co-owner John Mara made a request: When you get an offer in free agency please give us the chance to match it. And so, as promised, when Tuck, after getting wined and dined in Oakland, received the offer from the Raiders, he called Mara's cell phone. "The conversation went like this," Tuck said. "I said 'Mr. Mara, this is what's going on, I'm on the verge of signing with Oakland. I promised you I would let you have the last say-so.' He said 'I appreciate it, I'll talk to Jerry and we'll call your agent.' " Tuck didn't need the Giants to match the Raiders dollar for dollar, but he did need them to come closer. Ten minutes later, with Tuck in the room in Oakland, the call came in from Kevin Abrams, the Giants' assistant general manager. "He said they're not budging on their original offer," Tuck recounted. "I said, 'Thank you for nine years.' "

    Source: New York Post
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    From what I've heard, Tuck is about done.
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    glad they cut him cause now one of the biggest pains in the ass in the divison to the other nfc east teams is gone.
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    the RRRRaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiidddddddddddddeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr