Giants WR Hakeem Nicks Out Three Weeks With Leg Swelling

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  1. The New York Giants suffered more than a heartbreaking loss in Philadelphia as the team announced that wide receiver Hakeem Nicks will be out for approximately the next three weeks with swelling in his lower right leg. Nicks took a hit in the leg during the 27-17 loss to the Eagles on Sunday night and is being treated for compartment syndrome, or swelling in the lower leg that compresses nerves and blood vessels. According to the Giants, Nicks underwent a fasciotomy at the Hospital for Special Surgery on Monday afternoon. Compartment syndrome can lead to muscle and nerve damage if not treated immediately. With Nicks expected to miss the next three weeks, the Giants are now down to three wide receivers in Mario Manningham, rookie Duke Calhoun and the recently-signed Derek Hagan.

    Source: ESPN New York
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  2. bigsexyy81

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    Oh crap. That is terrible news for Eli.
  3. Chubz

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    What a disaster. No smith, no Nicks, no O'Hara, no diehl. This is a huge problem. We need to win these next 3 weeks. Manningham is not a number 1 receiver and the other issue is we don't have much for backups.

    Total abortion
  4. Just read that Hagan will start opposite of Manningham.....
  5. Chubz

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    Phew, I feel so much better now /sarcasm
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    TERRIBLE NEWS for my fantasy team. And the Giants. Who's out there on the FA market? Marvin Harrison? (half-joking)

    The way things are going right now, it doesn't look good for the Giants' playoff hopes.
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    Holy CRAP! If you don't know what a fasciotomy is then I recommend you google image it.
  8. Walnuts

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  9. phiglesphan

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    Youtubeing it....even better.
  10. mtzninersfan

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    Man manningham looks like a really good late draft pick for me. Even as the slot he got me some points when i needed him.
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    Is it gross irate cross medical stuff I my brother in laws stories and it gross
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    No way man, I've got too many colored donkeys as it is. Another purple one and the wifey will kill me.
  13. Antrel Rolle said he'd be willing to play wide receiver.....

    Rolle has some experience playing out of the wildcat and is a playmaker when he has the ball in his hands.

    With his would be worth a shot.
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    Screwin' NASTY!

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    Goodness gracious. That looks awful.
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    with the giants currently the 8th seed in the nfc, injuries mounting, and their december track record under coughlin, is anyone giving them much of a chance of making the playoffs at this point?

    just 10 days ago, they were being discussed as the best team in the league....... how quickly they have fallen .................
  16. Chubz

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    Next three games:


    They absolutely have to at least go 2-1 in that stretch. Nicks will be back after the Minny game, steve smith is back possibly in the minny game. Diehl is back at practice this week. No word on O'Hara. If they could jsut get the line healthy they could survive the next three weeks and just be a run first team and just play smash mouth football.

    One thing Fewell did was show the Giants weren't vulnerable to blitzing more than jsut the front four. The defense is good enough to keep them in these next few games. The question is cant eh offense stop turning the ball over.

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    Thats what happens when you lose key players and play sloppy football. We all knew sooner or later that the turnovers were going to cost us games.

    We'll see what kind of testicluar fortitude this team is made of these next few weeks. Dround and pound baby.