GIF All NFL Mock Draft Draft thread

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  1. misfitz

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    This is where you will post your draft picks.

    What I would like to see happen is people only using this thread for draft picks and if you want to discuss who somebody picked take it to the discussion thread it makes it much easier for those who are doing updates and for those picking players. So please keep all discussion to the discussion thread

    I will keep an order of the players selected

    1. Wild Stylez- LaDainian Tomlinson
    2. Another Man's Balls- Derrick Burgess
    3. inVINCEable VINCanity- Peyton Manning
    4. Earl's Blue Crew- Tom Brady
    5. The Drunk Mariachis- Terrell Owens
    6. East Coast Slayers- Frank Gore
    7. England Cowboys Hater- Steven Jackson
    8. Bristol Bombers- Drew Brees
    9. Arrowheads- Larry Johnson
    10. Sweets- Brian Westbrook
    11. Liverpool Redskins- Champ Bailey
    12. Hot Wing Conspiracy-Carson Palmer
    13. Sin City Sinners- Shawne Merriman
    14. A Whale's vag**a- Reggie Bush
    15. No Talent AssClowns- Dwight Freeney
    16. Johnny Cash's Guitar- Marvin Harrison

    Round 2
    17. Johnny Cash's Guitar- Marc Bulger
    18. No Talent AssClowns- Julius Peppers
    19 A Whale's vag**a- Phillip Rivers
    20. Sin City Sinners- Jamal Williams
    21. Hot Wing Conspiracy- Jason Taylor
    22. Liverpool Redskins- Chad Johnson
    23. Sweets- Antonio Gates
    24. Arrowheads- Deangelo Hall
    25. Bristol Bombers- Brian Urlacher
    26. England Cowboys Hater-PBUTTED
    27. East Coast Slayers- Nate Clements
    28. The Drunk Mariachis- Ray Lewis
    29. Earl's Blue Crew- Jeff Saturday
    30. inVINCEable VINCanity- Torrey Holt
    31. Another Man's Balls- Joseph Addai
    32. Wild Stylez- Richard Seymour

    Round 3
    33. Wild Stylez- Luis Castillo
    34. Another Man's Balls- Passed
    35. inVINCEable VINCanity- Kevin Williams
    36. Earl's Blue Crew- Maurice Jones-Drew
    37. The Drunk Mariachis- Laurence Maroney
    38. East Coast Slayers- Larry Fitzgerald
    39. England Cowboys Hater- Passed
    40. Bristol Bombers- Jonathon Ogden
    41. Arrowheads- Orlando Pace
    42. Sweets- Steve Smith
    43. Liverpool Redskins- Demarcus Ware
    44. Hot Wing Conspiracy- Reggie Wayne
    45. Sin City Sinners- Jammal Brown
    46. A Whale's vag**a- Adaulis Thomas
    47. No Talent AssClowns- Ed Reed
    48. Johnny Cash's Guitar- Zach Thomas

    Round 4
    49. Johnny Cash's Guitar- Clinton Portis
    50. No Talent AssClowns- Walter Jones
    51. A Whale's vag**a- Brian Dawkins
    52. Sin City Sinners- Chris McCalister
    53. Hot Wing Conspiracy- Sean Taylor
    54. Liverpool Redskins- Terrance Newman
    55. Sweets- Nnamdi Asomugha
    56. Arrowheads- Troy Polamalu
    57. Bristol Bombers- Rudi Johnson
    58. England Cowboys Hater-
    59. East Coast Slayers- Aaron Kampman
    60. The Drunk Mariachis- Donovan McNabb
    61. Earl's Blue Crew- Andre Johnson
    62. inVINCEable VINCanity- Marcus McNeil
    63. Another Man's Balls-
    64. Wild Stylez- Shaun Phillips

    Round 5
    65. Wild Stylez- Casey Hampton
    66. Another Man's Balls-
    67. inVINCEable VINCanity- Willie Parker
    68. Earl's Blue Crew- Lofa Tatupu
    69. The Drunk Mariachis- Shaun Alexander
    70. East Coast Slayers- DeMeco Ryans
    71. England Cowboys Hater-
    72. Bristol Bombers- Charles Tillman
    73. Arrowheads- Alan Fanaca
    74. Sweets- Warren Sapp
    75. Liverpool Redskins- Vince Wilfork
    76. Hot Wing Conspiracy- Edgerrin James
    77. Sin City Sinners- Willie Anderson
    78. A Whale's vag**a- Rashean Mathis
    79. No Talent AssClowns- Tommie Harris
    80. Johnny Cash's Guitar- Leonard Little

    Round 6
    81. Johnny Cash's Guitar- Larry Allen
    82. No Talent AssClowns- Matt Leinart
    83. A Whale's vag**a- Anquin Boldin
    84. Sin City Sinners- Warrick Dunn
    85. Hot Wing Conspiracy- Shaun Andrews
    86. Liverpool Redskins- Matt Hasslebeck
    87. Sweets- Kevin Mawae
    88. Arrowheads- Adewale Ogunleye
    89. Bristol Bombers- Todd Heap
    90. England Cowboys Hater-
    91. East Coast Slayers- Asante Samuel
    92. The Drunk Mariachis- Ty Law
    93. Earl's Blue Crew- Tony Gonzalez
    94. inVINCEable VINCanity- Jonathon Vilma
    95. Another Man's Balls-
    96. Wild Stylez- William Thomas

    Round 7
    97. Wild Stylez- Olin Kruetz
    99. inVINCEable VINCanity- Will Smith
    100. Earl's Blue Crew- Dunta Robinson
    101. The Drunk Mariachis- Andre Gurode
    102. East Coast Slayers- AJ Hawk
    103. England Cowboys Hater-
    104. Bristol Bombers- Pat Williams
    105. Arrowheads- Roy Williams WR
    106. Sweets- Manny Lawson
    107. Liverpool Redskins- Chris Samuels
    108. Hot Wing Conspiracy- Lance Briggs
    109. Sin City Sinners- Bob Sanders
    110. A Whale's vag**a- Jonas Jennings
    111. No Talent AssClowns- Nick Mangold
    112. Johnny Cash's Guitar-John Lynch

    Round 8
    113. Johnny Cash's Guitar- Roy Williams SS
    114. No Talent AssClowns- Steve Hutchinson
    115. A Whale's vag**a- Logan Mankins
    116. Sin City Sinners- Donald Driver
    117. Hot Wing Conspiracy- Chris Hope
    118. Liverpool Redskins- Ty Warren
    119. Sweets- Walt Harris
    120. Arrowheads- La'Roi Glover
    121. Bristol Bombers-
    122. England Cowboys Hater-
    123. East Coast Slayers- Laron Landry
    124. The Drunk Mariachis-
    125. Earl's Blue Crew- Matt Light
    126. inVINCEable VINCanity-
    127. Another Man's Balls-
    128. Wild Stylez-

    129. Wild Stylez-
    130. Another Man's Balls-
    131. inVINCEable VINCanity-
    132. Earl's Blue Crew-
    133. The Drunk Mariachis-
    134. East Coast Slayers- Aaron Schobel
    135. England Cowboys Hater-
    136. Bristol Bombers-
    137. Arrowheads-
    138. Sweets-
    139. Liverpool Redskins-
    140. Hot Wing Conspiracy- Lito Sheppard
    141. Sin City Sinners-
    142. A Whale's vag**a- Trevor Pryce
    143. No Talent AssClowns- DBrickeshaw Ferguson
    144. Johnny Cash's Guitar- Terrell Suggs

    145. Johnny Cash's Guitar- Ronde Barbar
    146. No Talent AssClowns-
    147. A Whale's vag**a-
    148. Sin City Sinners-
    149. Hot Wing Conspiracy-
    150. Liverpool Redskins-
    151. Sweets-
    152. Arrowheads-
    153. Bristol Bombers-
    154. England Cowboys Hater-
    155. East Coast Slayers-
    156. The Drunk Mariachis-
    157. Earl's Blue Crew-
    158. inVINCEable VINCanity-
    159. Another Man's Balls-
    160. Wild Stylez-
  2. Litez0ut

    Litez0ut Litez0ut Sucka

    With the 1st overall pick Wild Stylez (my team) Selects LaDainian Tomlinson RB San Diego Chargers
  3. misfitz

    misfitz Dropping Twitter Bombs

    Fricker has untill 4:30pm PST to make his selection
  4. JGleas

    JGleas Draft Network Access

    Seeing as the deadline for Fricker has officially passed, with the 2nd overall pick in the 2007 GIF All NFL Mock Draft, the inVINCEable VINCanity selects, Peyton Manning, Quarterback, Indianapolis Colts.

    Josh Gleason, General Manager of the inVINCEable VINCanity had this to say:
    "We couldn't pass on a franchise Quarterback like this with the 2nd pick of the Draft. He is one of the greatest Quarterbacks of all-time and is extremly durable, never missing a start in his 10 NFL seasons. We look forward to many successful years with Peyton under center."
  5. brakos82

    brakos82 30% more cats than last year!

    With the third pick in the 2007 GIF All-NFL Mock Draft, Earl's Blue Crew selects (drumroll): Tom Brady, Quarterback, New England Patriots

  6. truelife

    truelife 6-0 is our goal

    with the deadline for tj passing

    with the the 4th pick (6)) in the2007 GIF All-NFL Mock Draft, the EAST COAST SLAYERS select



    RedskinsNo1(England Cowboys Hater is now on the clock deadline is 2:37pm eastern
  7. RedskinsNo.1

    RedskinsNo.1 R.I.P Sean Taylor

    With the 5th pick in 2007 GIF All-NFL Mock Darft the England Cowboy Haters Select:

    Steven Jackson RB St Louis Rams


    PSID is now on the clock with a deadline of 16.44pm EST
  8. misfitz

    misfitz Dropping Twitter Bombs

    Thats a deadline of 1:45 PST

    People with passed picks can pick at anytime also if the pick is passed it doesnt change your pick number so we are on pick #8
  9. truelife

    truelife 6-0 is our goal

    i to believed i could get a good starting qb with my next pick.. However i was torn on taking gore or jackson and no it wasn't a homer pick. What gore did in his first full year was great and i excpect him to only improve himself and once the niner passing game get's it act together and defenses can't stack 8 in the box i believe he will really shine
  10. PSID412USM

    PSID412USM Pro Bowler

    Bristol Bombers GM Peter Siddorn walking to the stage

    With the 8th pick of the GIF All-NFL Fanasty Draft the Bristol Bombers are proud to select

    Drew Brees QB New Orleans Saints

    Cheif 31 you are on the clock.
  11. TJ

    TJ Dez Caught It

    Sorry for the delay...both my brother and I were away :lol:

    The Drunk Mariachis select:
    Terrell Owens, WR.
  12. chief31

    chief31 Chiefs monster

    In thew ninth spot, I select ...

    Larry Johnson.
  13. Sweets

    Sweets All-Pro

    With the 10 overall pick the California Bulldogs select:

    RB Brian Westbrook
  14. misfitz

    misfitz Dropping Twitter Bombs

    Liverpool Redskins on the clock untill 12:00 pm PST
  15. GawdZeeRaa

    GawdZeeRaa Calm Like a Bomb

    With the 12th pick in the 2007 GIF All NFL Mock Draft, the Hot Wing Conspiracy selects

    Carson Palmer QB Cincinnati Bengals
  16. Litez0ut

    Litez0ut Litez0ut Sucka

    Backtoglory is on the clock til 7 p.m.
  17. Chrisbob

    Chrisbob Fuck Dallas

    With their owed pick, the Liverpool Redskins select:

    Champ Bailey, CB, Denver Broncos


    Being honest, if I had picked on time, I'd have took Palmer but seeing as he is gone, no other QB is worth the pick this high. With that in mind, I'll take a guy who is clearly the best at his position and given the importance teams place on a corner who can play on an island and deliver big plays, I think Bailey represents great value here.​
  18. afjay

    afjay Click. Clack.

    This pick is on behalf of Misfitz (Sin City Sinners)

    Shawn Merriman

    Which puts me on the clock, A Whale's vag**a takes

    Reggie Bush

    No talent butt clowns are on the clock until 130 AM PST

    Also Platoon86 has been added to the game and will pick 17th, unless BTG fails to return at which point he'll take BTG's spot.
  19. Platoon 86

    Platoon 86 Loony

    I'd prefer picking off the 17th pick though please.
  20. happ

    happ PECAVI

    With the 16th pick of the first round, No Talent Assclowns will take DE Dwight Freeney.