GIF's Top-20 NFL Players

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  1. cover the spread

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    Dwight Freeney
  2. SeanTaylor21

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    Maurice Jones-Drew
  3. ravenfan52

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    GIF's top 20 NFL players:

    1. Peyton Manning - QB
    2. Drew Brees - QB
    3. Adrian Peterson - RB
    4. Tom Brady - QB
    5. Aaron Rodgers - QB
    6. Chris Johnson - RB
    7. Nnamdi Asomugha - CB
    8. Joe Thomas - OL
    9. Darelle Revis - CB
    10. Patrick Willis - LB
    11. Andre Johnson - WR
    12. Brandon Marshall - WR
    13. Tony Gonzalez - TE
    14. Troy Polamalu - SS
    15. Larry Fitzgerald - WR
    16. Reggie Wayne - WR
    17. Jared Allen - DL
    18. Ben Roethlisberger - QB
    19. Dwight Freeney - DL
    20. Maurice Jones-Drew - RB
  4. Jihad Joe

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    Freeny's on but Ware isnt?

  5. ravenfan52

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    Polamalu over Reed? From a Ravens fan?

    Jones-Drew over Rice? OK, that's close.

    Pardon my homerism, but several of you put down someone on your team.

    No Favre? Interesting.
  6. Jeffgoodt

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    This isnt how such a list should be compiled. Each person should submit their top 20 with number 1 = 20 points, 2 = 19, 3 = 18, and so on. And then someone compiles the points and forms a list based on who got the most points.
  7. wonderyears

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    Should have made it so you couldn't nominate people from your team, try to remove as much bias opinions as possible.

    But yea, Ware should definitely be on this over Freeny
  8. 86WARD

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    So now that the list is done...what do you think? What would you change? Who comes off? Who goes on? Whow would move up? Who moves down?
  9. 86WARD

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    Personally, I don't think Rodgers, Gonzalez or Marshall are Top-20 players. Rodgers would be the closest to the Top-20 out of the three, but Gonzalez and Marshall definitely don't make it. Freeney's questionable to me as well...

    At this point, Polamalu's better than Reed. Hell it's not even certain that Reed will play half this year...

    Favre's not Top-20. Rice is debateable.

    This gets more people involved. Not everyone wants to compile a list of 20 and take the time to type it in. There's a million ways to compile a list. Something different isn't always that bad.

    The members and teams don't really matter. If you don't like it, make a suggestion on who to take off, who to replace...
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  10. SeanTaylor21

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    Ware over Freeney fa sho, this is coming from a Giants fan who sees Ware sack Manning at least twice a year. Jones-Drew>>Rice, look at his production over the past 2 years and look at Rices, MJD had 15 TD's last year and is a threat in the run, pass, and kicking game.
  11. Flacco2MasonTD

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    I went with Troy over Ed because of Ed's uncertain status for week 1 - both healthy and I think it's a 'too close to call' scenario. Ray Rice needs to put another strong campaign together and then he can stake a top 20 claim. I think Ray Lewis is a top 20 player when you weigh in intangibles but maybe that's my inner homer speaking.

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    Haloti Ngata and James Harrison should be on there too.
  12. 86WARD

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    I don't think I'd put James Harrison on there. I don't think he's Top-20 talent but I'd easily put him between 20-30. Ngata on the other hand...a great case can be made for him to be in the Top 20...I'd put him in there.

    This would be my changes to the list:

    1. Peyton Manning
    2. Drew Brees
    3. Tom Brady
    4. Adrian Peterson
    5. DeMarcus Ware
    6. Chris Johnson
    7. Andre Johnson
    8. Troy Polamalu
    9. Ben Roethlisberger
    10. Darelle Revis
    11. Jared Allen
    12. Larry Fitzgerald
    13. Nnamdi Asomugha
    14. Kevin Williams
    15. Ryan Clady
    16. Philip Rivers
    17. Patrick Willis
    18. Joe Thomas
    19. Mario Williams
    20. Haloti Ngata
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  13. ravenfan52

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    Williams over Ngata? No. And where is Rodgers?
  14. 86WARD

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    Williams is definitley better than Ngata and Rodgers isn't Top 20 in my opinion. What has he done? He may be Top 25 but not Top 20.

    I wouldn't expect you to agree with anyone. We've seen your
  15. ravenfan52

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    No. Ngata is beast. Ware is too high. He's really good but he's not all-world. rodgers lost in the playoffs on a fluke play that shouldn't have counted. He only threw for like 5 touchdowns in that game. He's only had 2 years as a starter and while the Packers couldn't get it together in '08, they were great in '09, as was Rodgers. What about Darren Sharper? If Pola is on there but not Sharper, based on last year, let's be real...
  16. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    Basing it on a whole portfolio (not just stats alone) up until this point and future...try to take everything into account. Where's your list? Ngata is a beast. He's just not better than Williams.

    Rodgers still has a lot to prove and versus the other players on this list, he's not Top-20 imo. He's not better than any of the QB's on this list. Who are you taking off to put Rodgers on? Ware is a bad-butt...perhaps the best pass rushing LB in the league...he's all-world. Pass Rushers are almost more important than QB's on a roster...almost.

    Yeah, let's be real. Darren Sharper may not be Top-10 at the You're going to tell me that Sharper is better than Polamalu, Reed, Wilson, Meriweather, Dawkins, Collins, Bethea, Atogwe, Rolle, Rhodes, Byrd? Sharper is DEFINITELY NOT a Top-20 player in the league...
  17. ravenfan52

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    Based on last year, Sharper is better than almost all of those. You want my list? I hate this stuff, but OK:

    1. Peyton Manning
    2. Drew Brees
    3. Adrian Peterson
    4. Andre Johnson
    5. Tom Brady
    6. Darrelle Revis
    7. Joe Thomas
    8. Chris Johnson
    9. Haloti Ngata
    10. Larry Fitzgerald
    11. Nnamdi Asomugha
    12. Patrick Willis
    13. DeMarcus Ware
    14. Ben Roethlisberger
    15. Aaron Rodgers
    16. Darren Sharper
    17. Jared Allen
    18. Reggie Wayne
    19. Brandon Marshall
    20. Dallas Clark

    I left Favre off only for convenience. I left out some people who deserve to be on it (Peppers, Rivers, Lewis, S. Jackson to name a few). This is hard. But more importantly, no one can ever prove if an offensive lineman is better than a cornerback. I want fooooooootball.
  18. 86WARD

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    Darren Sharper's not Top-20 in the league...possibly not Top-10 at his own position.
  19. ravenfan52

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    I disagree. Did you see him play last year?

    9 interceptions, 71 tackles

    [ame=""]YouTube- Darren Sharper 2009 Highlights[/ame]
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  20. 86WARD

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    He was good last year. He's just not a Top-20 player in the NFL and he's not better than Ed Reed (healthy,) Troy Polamalu or Jared Allen.