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    Just a note on Sharper.......Dallas didnt go after Sharper in the offseason because we gameplanned to exploit him when we played NOLA in the season. We won the game, and going after Sharper was a big reason why. I agree with Ward in that Sharper may not even be top 10 at his position. You have to throw stats completely out the window when judging DB's

    Ngata isnt yet in the same class as Kevin Williams. May not ever be as good too, Ngata is a great player, but he int as diverse as Williams. Williams could dominate a game as either an Over Tackle or an Under Tackle. Ngata isnt quick enough to be an UT. Ngata gets points for being able to play DE in a 3-4, but Williams would be a Richard Seymore level 5 Tech in a 3-4

    All I would give Ngata > Williams at this point is Ngata is a better Over Tackle and would be a better NT in a 3-4

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    Ware had a string of 10 consectutive games with a sack in 2007/08, a stretch of 30 games where he went sackless only 5 times, and mounted 45 hurries last year

    He can also play both 3-4 OLB spots, the 4-3 SAM spot, and both 4-3 DE spots

    Safe to say he is All World
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    Ngata intercepts passes, too. and he can run. so i think he's fast enough. I see the argument for Sharper being not top 20, but I just can't with him not being top 10 at his position. Numbers don't tell the whole story, but they sure as hell don't lie. He had a great year last year and is definitely top 10 at his position.
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    Numbers lie all the time with DB's, see Ty Law's 10 INT year, and there have been many, and I mean many others like by guy like Tim Mckyer, Ashley Ambrose, Dale Carter, Tyrone Braxton, James Hasty, Keith Lyle, and many many more who have had large INT outputs during average to bad seasons

    Ngata at this stage in his career isnt nearly as rounded a player as Kevin Williams, and may never be. Ngata is great, but you as shortchanging Williams alot by comparing the two
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    not having mangold, ware, and ngata on the list is criminal. i remove tony gonz, reggie wayne and dwight freeney and put those 3 on