Giving up Forte?

Discussion in 'Fantasy Football Advice' started by TheSnowman, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. TheSnowman

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    So I have three potential keepers for two slots: Forte, Dez and Demaryius.

    I've been driving myself nuts making the decision because I keep considering throwing Forte back into the draft. Am I crazy? I know I would have better all around depth by keeping Forte and a WR, but I can't shake the feeling that he's a bit riskier and the other two are near locks for elite seasons.

    It's PPR, 12 teams, mostly standard scoring with bonuses for 50+yd TDs and 4 for QB TDs. I get the sense the Bears will pass a lot this year and I may target Cutler as a QB. Either way, I'm going late at that position. Am I causing myself unnecessary headaches by keeping two WRs and planning to go RB twice in my first three picks? Targets would be a Tate/West combo, Ellington, Jennings, etc. for a more group focus rather than an elite starter. I'm looking for those pass catching RBs, which are money.

    I have picks 8 and 16 as my first two. Looks like at worst I'd be able to grab two of Tate/Gore/Ellington as my starters, or draft an elite TE in the second and grab my second starter in round 3 (Jennings, Rice?)

  2. SNPokc

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    Tough call. Keeping Forte and Dez could be a good way to go as well. There could end up a top wr at pick 8, guy like jordy nelson or Julio Jones could be there. Hard to know without know the other keepers.
  3. TheSnowman

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    It would be a no brainer if those two or Brown would be available to me, but they won't and Brown likely won't either. By my calculations, unkept top available players in this situation will include:

    Bell, Stacy, Morris, Gio, Julius, Brown, Cobb, Bush, Tate

    If I kept Forte, my WR2 options with my first pick would be Cobb, AJ, Larry, VJ, Keenan
  4. Samson

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    AJ green or alshon jeffery? Personally either way I keep forte cause the drop from those top RB is alot more than yhe top WR. Although to really judge we need to know who is being kept. The situation is fluid depending on avaliblity at positions.
  5. 86WARD

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    I keep Forte and draft AJ Green in an instant!
  6. TheSnowman

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    Sorry for the mixup, I meant the original AJ (Andre). Even if Green were available, he wouldn't make it to me.

    Anyway, I appreciate the opinions. I was since able to angle the trade I was looking for and will keep Forte and Demaryius.

    The long story for anyone who cares, I had something in place where I would get a fourth rounder and a trade up to #1 in the first round, but my buddy made another trade (third round first overall) for Julio without coming back to check my offer again. I've now given Dez to my other friend in exchange for the Julio pick (third round, first overall). I'm pretty happy with that. Will get a great player with that pick.
  7. DaBearsrule4ever

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    Unless there are any RBs actually better than Forte that where not kept, I would keep Forte.