Godzilla (2014) comes out May 16th, who's excited?

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    I've been a huge Godzilla fan since I first caught him on TV as a little 3 year old kid. WWOR-9 in NYC used to play Godzilla marathons on Thanksgiving weekends and had monster movies on the weekends as well. My brother and I couldn't get enough Godzilla back in the day, we watched them so much we could recite the lines from the original to the last movie made in the 70's, Terror of MechaGodzilla. We wanted a big screen movie to come out in the worst way. We got our wish in 1985 when a new movie came out and it left us wanting more. Hollywood finally green lighted a big budget summer spectacular but the 1998 was a complete flop thanks to a crappy story, wooden actors and a monster that underwhelmed audiences.

    Toho studios answered back with their own reboot in 2000, but it's release was limited thanks to the lukewarm response from the 98 movie. For a long time it looked like the film series was never going to get a proper big budget release. Toho went on to retire Godzilla in 2004 with 'Final Wars'. They said they wouldn't release any more Godzilla movies for 10 years. The series went out with a bang, but none of the Godzilla movies after 2000 got any US theatrical releases. US fans were shut out, having to depend on bootleg releases for years before Toho started releasing dubbed versions of their movies. If you are a G-fan, check these out:

    In 2010, Toho confirmed that Legendary Pictures had acquired the film rights to Godzilla here in the US. Hollywood was going to try to throw big money at a franchise that was still suffering from the stigma of the 1998 crapfest. Recycling Jurassic Park special effects wasn't going to cut it this time for the American consumer. Want to make some money? Make a GOOD Godzilla movie. From what I have seen so far, it looks like it will do the film series justice. First off, the biggest issue is going to be how Godzilla looks. The '98 movie was nothing at all what the fans expected. I don't think that's an issue anymore:



    Then people were worried about the crapty acting. Well the lineup of actors in this movie shows that the script is more than just a fluff action flick with good lineup: Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick-Ass) Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) Ken Watanabe (The Last Samurai) and an appearance from Akira Takarada, who was in the original 1954 release. It's a mix of people who are going to be looking for roles with some depth to them, and having Takarada involved was the first good sign that this movie is going to be done right in my book.

    I'm hoping this movie is a rip roaring good time with a taste of what made the original so dark and scary. It's what that fans want and I believe it's what Hollywood has finally delivered. These are the official trailers released so far, in order of release:

    Godzilla: Official Teaser Trailer

    Godzilla: Official Trailer

    Godzilla: International Trailer

    Godzilla: It Can't Be Stopped

    Godzilla: I Can't Believe This Is Happening

    Godzilla: Whatever It Takes

    Godzilla: Courage

    Godzilla: Extended Look

    Godzilla: Nature Has An Order

    So what do people think? Are they excited to see this franchise reboot with a big budget release? And will the movie be any good? May 16th is G-Day, who's going to check this out? I just booked my IMAX tickets. That is going to be SICCCCCCCK.
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    I'm going to take a stab in the dark and say that you are excited.

    I don't feel the need to watch it on opening week, but I will check it out in the theater.
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    I'm looking forward to it, definitely one to see on the big screen. My buddys a huge Godzilla fan and he's giddy.

    King Kong did kick his ass tho.
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    I heard that King Kong went to Hong Kong to play ping-pong with his ding-dong. I think TMZ reported it.
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  6. Jihad Joe

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    I didn't think the Mathew Broderick on was that bad, but then again I only saw it once and was stoned off my ass
  7. Mike

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    Want to check it out, but only after it releases to Redbox
  8. 86WARD

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    No interest
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    huge godzilla fan. i loved all the japanese monsters movies/shows. godzilla, giant robots, johnny socko, ultra man. godzilla was always the best though. i thought the last one was pretty decent myself but i'll def go see this. be nice if they would ever re-maker one of the godilaa vs movies for once.
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    Been looking forward to this ever since they announced the start of filming. The trailers look really good. I loved the teaser one with the guys jumping out of the plane. A nice subtle glimpse of Godzilla's back plates.

    This one can't be any worse than that crap Matthew Broderick was in. I remember seeing the New Year's Eve trailer for that one when Godzilla's tail hit the "Ball." Thought it was going to be awesome......until I saw what Godzilla looked like. The overall movie itself was crap to.
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    BTW, if you like Godzilla movies, I recommend Pacific Rim. Nice take on the old Gojira movies.
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    It looks pretty good.I wouldn't say I'm a fan of Godzilla movies. The Broderick I've came out when I was like 9. But this one has Cranston, so it has my interest. The trailers look decent, too. I'll probably watch it when it pops up online.
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    This is the only thing that was good about the '98 film:

    Worst part of the '98 movie had to be the lame, egg laying Godzilla who didn't have atomic breath, looked like a lizard and got killed by fighter planes. That more than anything else has tainted this franchise in the US market.
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  14. smeags

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    i didnt think it was that bad.

    again though if this one does well i hope we get a godzilla vs moster x redo
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    Premiere of a Godzilla movie? What year is this?
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    The '98 movie wasn't bad for what it was. But they should have called it something else because that was not Godzilla. You really have to go back to the first movie to understand what Godzilla is and what he meant. He was created in a post-war Japan who was still reeling from having two atomic bombs dropped on them. The nuclear scare hit home in Japan again when in 1954 a fishing boat got caught in the fallout from US nuclear tests in the Bikini islands. Godzilla became a symbol for the horrors the country had just endured and the message that man had gone too far with their destructive technology. The first movie really hit a nerve in Japan. Watch the scene after Godzilla destroys Tokyo where they show scenes from the hospitals while the choir sings in the background. They literally show little kids dying from radiation contamination and more. The movie and series took a turn after the US market got a heavily edited version that fell short of the feel the original movie had. Before you knew it they were churning out movies directed at a younger audience. The movies got campier and lost the feel of the original. I hope most of all that they capture that feeling of dread and hopelessness in this movie, especially with so many recent issues in our world (Japan Nuke plant is still ducked last I checked and radiation from the spill is now reaching the West coast).
  17. smeags

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    this. they still dealt with the nuke angle but eventhough they sfifted the blame to the french i agree there was no reason to change the plot.

    i guess one of the biggest reason i kinda dig the movie is it got Jr into original movies.

    these trailer look really good but i was hoping when this was first mentioned that they may do a time period movie.

    personally i think this guy is what ruined the original series.

  18. Diesel44

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    I Prefered The Original Ones Over The Reboot.This One Looks A Lot better Than The 98 Version. It Has Great Cast,Including Bryan Cranston,So I Am betting This Will Be A Decent Flick.
  19. markaz

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    I'm in the category of liking the '98 movie and will wait for Redbox on this one. I really prefer the Japanese versions just because they combine sci-fi and outrageous ridiculousness.
  20. smeags

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    like a giant moth that could defeat a nuclear fueled 100 story tall lizzard ?