Godzilla (2014) comes out May 16th, who's excited?

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    Godzilla took care of the imposter in the '98 movie:

    Toho studios was so troubled by the 98 version and the backlash they were getting from fans that they scrambled to make Godzilla 2000 to try to put the US movie in the back of people's minds.
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    Exactly. Now this is entertainment!!

    Yeah...that really worked.
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    a friend of mine is stoked to see the show. I looked at him and said that he is a traitor to his people, he is part Jap.
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    unfortunately, i lost my ass on that one. i had all my money on the moth............... should have consulted someone before that fight.
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    So I saw the movie today, and it's definitely a fun movie. There were some criticisms for me:

    * I understand why they tried to not show the monsters too much early on. Build up the suspense like they did with Jaws back in the day. Problem is they kept teasing us with monster fights that we never got to see. The first monster fight is shown on a TV someone is watching instead of showing us the real deal. Then they tease a second fight that we hardly get to see because they have to give us more of the human story.

    * The human story stopped being interesting once Bryan Cranson's character dies. And he dies real ducking early. The rest of the movie is spent watching Kick-Ass act hollow as he joins up with the military in their attempt to do anything.

    * Did I mention Bryan Cranston died early? Seriously, they should have killed off Kick-Ass and kept Cranston going the rest of the way.

    * The Godzilla back story was weak. He appeared in 1954, they tried to kill him by nuking him and instead he just went deep underwater not to be seen or heard of until now. We are also supposed to accept the fact he's a force of nature who's going to balance things out simply because it's someone's guess.

    * The movie really drags in the middle. Not much happens between the first encounter the MUTO and the Vegas fight. Again, losing Cranston early left Aaron Taylor Johnson to carry the film's story and he just was hollow at best.

    * We got no real army offensive against Godzilla until got to San Francisco. I kinda wish we would of had a battle between Godzilla and the military at some point that displayed the monster's strength and the human's inability to do anything to stop him. Instead the Navy sailed along side Godzilla from Hawaii to San Francisco and did nothing. Weak sauce.

    But the end delivers in a big way. The final fight between Godzilla and the monsters is a rip-roaring fun spectacle. The Atomic breath Godzilla uses isn't used enough but when it finally rolls out it's awesome. They really were able to capture the feeling of size in this movie. I caught the IMAX/3D version and the fight scenes were worth the price of admission. Is it a perfect movie? No, not by a long shot. However, this movie finally delivers to Godzilla fans what they should have gotten in 98. This movie respects the legacy of the franchise and really delivers on the visual end. Overall I'd give this movie an 8 out of 10.
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    heard it was crappy. also heard when folks in Japan watched it, they laughed and walked out.
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    I just read the bs about Cranston. He's the only reason I was considering seeing this movie in theaters. No way I'm paying for it now.
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    you was gonna watch a movie just to see a dude?
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    That dude, yea. You never went to see a movie simply because you liked the main actor?
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    for sure. got a man crush on Ernest Borgnine
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    sean combs remaking led zeppelin's kashmir with morello and jimmy page on guitar on the movie soundtrack made me hurl.some things are just too sacred to mess with.
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    Zep were some of the biggest thieves in musical history, so I completely disagree.
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    you are right about them being musical thieves,but kashmir should never be massacred like it was!
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    I haven't heard it, but if Page was on board, it's not like others completely massacred it. I'm a big fan of Morello (Black Spartacus).
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    Looks like the movie is a big time success this weekend and there's talk of a sequel already:

    Some early reviews also give the movie some good press:


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    truth, page took ok songs with horrible arragnements and made them not suck.
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    How was the soundtrack? Was it like the old movies?
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    page's big thing was taking guitar licks and writing them on different and alternate tunings.led zep did borrow a lot of licks,mostly from early american blues artists.but the stones and clapton and even the beatles did just about the same thing.
    pretty good story here on godzilla 2014 and the ones that came before it.