Green Bay Renames 'Minnesota Avenue' To 'Aaron Rodgers Drive'

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    Paul Srubas of the Green Bay Press Gazette reports Minnesota Avenue on Green Bay's northeast side was renamed Aaron Rodgers Drive on Thursday morning to honor the Packers quarterback. It was one of the city's cheerleading gestures for Sunday's game between the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings, the new team for former Packers quarterback Brett Favre "No more Minnesota Avenue," Mayor Jim Schmitt declared as he and Department of Public Works employee John Krock replaced the street sign at the corner of East Shore Drive and Aaron Rodgers Drive, near the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary.

    Source: The Red Zone
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    They really don't have anything else in their lives in Green Bay, do they?
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    lol thats too funny.........
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    Rep wide right...

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    I'm sorry, but even as a Packer fan, naming a street after him seems a little premature.
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    Seems like it was more getting back at Favre than giving props to Rodgers.
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    Good find
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    For gods sake, this reminds me of that Jets coach that named his kid after Fartve. :icon_rolleyes:
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    Check the GB street map dude. A lot of streets where named after Packerplayers or coaches