Green's just keeping the No. 1 QB spot warm for Beck

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    Trent Green has already been anointed Miami's starting quarterback for 2007, even if head coach Cam Cameron hasn't outright said as much. Right? Well, not exactly. Pundits can point to Green's big contract all they want, but owner Wayne Huizenga doesn't mind spending money when it comes to his Dolphins. The fact that the team is in the top half of the league in salary-cap spending proves as much. Also, the front office knew that bringing in a clean-cut QB like Green, a former Pro Bowler, could only boost ticket sales. As much as a Cameron-Green reunion makes sense (the two were formerly together in Washington) on the football field, the acquisition of the 13-year veteran was also about business.

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    A playoff team would also boost ticket sales. Those are some bold statements in that article.
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    They had a playoff quality team two years ago...then Daunte culpepper showed much for picking up other peoples washed up trash leading you to the playoffs....the pickup of Green was to give Beck time to learn the system, as all rookies should...I'd expect him to get limited gametime experience and then a possible REAL shot at the starting role next year..
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    According tothe latest camp reports, Beck need to warm up his seat self