Greg Schiano, Mark Dominik fired by Buccaneers

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    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have fired head coach Greg Schiano and general manager Mark Dominik.

    Schiano had a 11-21 record over his two seasons with the Bucs. Schiano was hired in 2012 after a lengthy coaching search, as the Bucs fired former head coach Raheem Morris following a similar 4-12 season.

    Most of all, though, the Buccaneers simply played bad football for too many games. Four wins with the talent the Bucs had on both sides of the ball simply was not going to be good enough. Personnel was consistently misused, with Darrelle Revis treated as just any other cornerback despite a $16 million per year pricetag, while the defense failed to properly use the best defensive tackle in the NFL in Gerald McCoy. Meanwhile, the team's offense was stagnant and poorly designed with an emphasis on power-running and deep balls, even when the personnel wasn't optimally suited to that style of play.

    With Greg Schiano out, it remains to be seen what the Bucs will do with the rest of the coaching staff. The Glazers will now begin the search for a new head coach and general manager, while deciding what to do with the rest of their organization. Are we going to see another massive overhaul, or will they try to piece together a functioning NFL team by adding a head coach and keeping most of the rest in place?

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    As a Saints fan I was worried about the Bucs entering the 2013 season.. they made some major free agent signings and appeared poised to challenge then entire NFC South.. boy was I wrong. Those guys needed to be fired with the players they fielded and the record they posted.
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    @spent so very sorry about your loss..... ;)
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    But seriously, whoever gets this job is going to be way better off than most new hires. There's a good amount of talent on the roster on both sides of the ball, for the right guy it could realistically be a Chiefs/49ers style turnaround.