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  1. Walnuts

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    So I set up a group for ESPN's Playoff Challenge. It's basically a playoff salary cap league. Every player is assigned a dollar value, and you have a set budget to assemble your team with. Every week you can change players as much as you wish, so long as you stay in your budget, and player values change according to performance. Your roster locks going into the conference championships, so theres a pickem element too at that point, you want to have your entire roster filled with players from the two teams going to the big game, or else you wont be scoring points in the Super Bowl.

    Anyone who wants to join, sign on up and let's continue the fantasy season for a few more weeks!

    Link to group home page: ESPN - Gridiron Playoff Challenge - Group

    Password to join: gif
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  2. Steve12

    Steve12 The night is dark and full of terrors

    Usually I don't like these salary leagues, but I'll give it a shot. I'm signed up. I'll set my team later.
  3. SRW

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    I shared the thread on our Facebook page and sent it to our Twitter page too. Also sent a mass PM to the members. Good luck with the game everyone!
  4. 86WARD

    86WARD -


    Let's get a bunch of people in this!
  5. themush

    themush iDIOT sAVANT

    I'm down.
  6. themush

    themush iDIOT sAVANT

    Anyone else interested?
  7. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    Come, old...sign up peeps!
  8. Walnuts

    Walnuts All-Pro

    QUite a few people signing up but not posting in here. We're already up to 16.
  9. ragman

    ragman Pro Bowler Fantasy Guru

    I'm in. EvJen75.
  10. theMind2.0

    theMind2.0 Rookie

    I just signed up. Never played Fantasy Football before...should be interesting
  11. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    Good Luck all!! Keep signing up!!
  12. Mr. D

    Mr. D WINNING!!

    I'm in so tell me something

    ok I have my roster set in, I can change them at any week right?

    or do I get stuck with the players after each week and hope to god I don't get screwed by Super bowl?
  13. Walnuts

    Walnuts All-Pro

    It locks going into the Conference Championship games, you're free to change them as much as you want for the Wild Card and Divisional weeks.
  14. ball in the baskett

    ball in the baskett First Team All Pro

    im in might as well
  15. Mike S.

    Mike S. GIF Hall Of Fame Class Of 2007 Staff Member

    i'm in and here is my team:

    QB|Aaron Rodgers GNB|MIN|Jan 5, 8:00PM|6.8
    QB|Robert Griffin III WAS|SEA|Jan 6, 4:30PM|6.8
    RB|Ray Rice BAL|IND|Jan 6, 1:00PM|5.8
    RB|Adrian Peterson MIN|@GNB|Jan 5, 8:00PM|6.1
    WR|Andre Johnson HOU|CIN|Jan 5, 4:30PM|5.5
    WR|A.J. Green CIN|@HOU|Jan 5, 4:30PM|5.6
    TE|Dennis Pitta BAL|IND|Jan 6, 1:00PM|4.6
    K|Justin Tucker BAL|IND|Jan 6, 1:00PM|3.8
    D|Baltimore Ravens BAL|IND|Jan 6, 1:00PM|4.4[/table]

    Total: $49.4
  16. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    Bump Bump Peeps...get in!
  17. themush

    themush iDIOT sAVANT

    Who's winning?
  18. ball in the baskett

    ball in the baskett First Team All Pro

    i did terrible
  19. TheDuke

    TheDuke Breast Man

    How do you change players? 75% of my team are Colts. They are obviously no longer in the playoffs.
  20. themush

    themush iDIOT sAVANT

    Prolly have to wait until tomorrow. Just a guess though.