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Discussion in 'Fantasy Football Advice' started by Chrisbob, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. wide right

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    In my main league my friends are snitching about a 9am draft too. Freaking draft then go back to sleep or take a nap later. What's the big deal?
  2. Chrisbob

    Chrisbob Fuck Dallas

    I'm sorry about the draft time. I thought it was at 8:80pm EST! Their system for picking the times changes the am and pm automatically so the preset was something like 12:15pm so when I adjusted to 8:30 I assumed that was pm, as 1:30 on Monday morning was ok for me and it worked well for US times.

    I have changed the time, but could not get any later that 10:30am EST so that will have to do, but makes it a bit better for the guys on the West Coast.

    So please note:

    NEW DRAFT TIME IS 10:30AM EST (7:30AM PST/3:30PM GMT).

    Hope that works better for everyone.

    Guys, I can't remember what members are what team, can you post here saying who your team is so I can update the info thread. I know a couple of teams and owners but others I can't recall. Thanks in advance.
  3. DoubleC

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    That's 4:30 pm in France. Still ok for me.
  4. TJ

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    Well, that sounds better...
  5. Banyaaz

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    May not be here....wake up for work around then so I don't think I will be around.:icon_cry:
  6. PSID412USM

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    Noted 3.30 PM. Good mean I can get on.
  7. Chrisbob

    Chrisbob Fuck Dallas

    Get up a bit earlier, or pre-rank:icon_exclaim:
  8. Sweets

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    California Bulldogs here
  9. DoubleC

    DoubleC i'm ready now...

    Is team H a real team?
  10. wide right

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    I'm gonna kick all your asses.

    Whoops, meant to post this in the draft chat...
  11. Omen

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    man i missed two drafts today but i must a prayed to porcelain god alot bc both of my drafts were picked pretty good by the system