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    The GUN SLINGER AWARD is for QB's only:
    WEEK 1 and the winner is.....................
    TONY ROMO....Romo was the NFLs TOP GUN SLINGER with a grand total of 345 yards the most by any QB in the NFL this season
    for DEM BOYS haters....Romo will be back...:VIOLENT05:
  2. frost

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    Hmmm...shouldn't you wait until after tonight's games?
  3. DawkinsINT

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    Why the Dolphins icon?
  4. P16

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    Was thinking the same thing..

    Who voted on this supposed "Gunslinger award". Seems to me like 1 vote was cast, and it was from a Cowboys fan. Of course Romo won.
  5. smeags

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    he counts his chickens before they hatch and he puts the wrong icon on his thread.

  6. Chrisbob

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    Enjoy those numbers, with the Turds secondary, you'll be seeing them off a lot of opposing QB's come the rest of the season.
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    The Gunslinger award should go to the player with the most "gunslings", the honorary new term for INTs invented for Brett Favre, every week. That would mean this weeks gunslinger award goes to Damon Huard, who, among those who had 2 gunslings, which was the most for the week, had the worst game, posting 0 TDs and a miserable 168 yards.
  8. truelife

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    another person who could be nominated is joey harrington as he also had 2 int's no tds although he did have 199 yrds his int's were returned for td's
  9. Blu N Houston

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    Sorry'O Williams is earning that paper!

    now I know the oline was missing two key starters from last year, but that Texan D was stout.


    Romo would pull out a cigerette peter compared Manning.
    Awo ! You are a freaking color blind cowboy who can't read.
    :ganja: :slow: