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    If there is an interception to be made during training camp, it's usually Chris Harris who comes up with it. The third-year safety has started 20 regular-season games -- as well as the Bears' postseason games after last season -- and made an interception in Super Bowl XLI. A demotion to backup status after the acquisition of Adam Archuleta hasn't led to Harris pouting or regressing. "I didn't want to come into camp with a negative attitude," he said. "I just come to work every day, work to get better with the different techniques that they're asking us to do, try to be more consistent in them and show I've still got the juice.

    Source: Daily South Town
  2. DaBearsrule4ever

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    Good, Chris Harris has the right attitude. Thats not something you see from some athletes these days.
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    proven veteran over a guy who barely started a 3rd of their games in 3 years...obvious choice....no reason to throw a fit....
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    The systems they use for determining football strings find the best player, but I can see how it would hurt an atheletes pride. Especially all of the news media that makes it such a big deal. They all want to be the best and they fight for it.
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    Come on linz, the media makes EVERYTHING a big deal. No matter how little the situation may be.
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    yeah, but I think you missed my point. Most of these guys have huge egos going into it, so seeing themselves on tv losing a position to another player... no matter how awesome they are, cuts deep and throws gasoline on the volitility of all the guys out there.
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    If you read my very first reply stating attitude's like the one Chris Harris has is rare with a lot of athletes now of days, I think I already covered that. :icon_wink:
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    I for one dont like that we let Chris Harris go for a low round draft pick,but I can see Da Bears point..it would have been hard for him to even make a starting slot with the depth we have at the poistion.
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    good business all round Panthers get a potential starter for a 5th we get something for someone who barring injuries would not have seen the field & could have been cut.
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    Chris Harris understands that the NFL is a business. That is uncommon clarity. Most players would take it personally. Chris did not. Bravo for him.