Harrison to be suspended

Discussion in 'New England Patriots' started by BoltzRule, Aug 31, 2007.

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    Holy crap. :icon_eek:
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    Little heck finally gets what he deserves.

    Dirtiest player in the game since he entered the league...
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    Wow....and I said in another thread that there probably wouldn't be any big names....I was wrong obviously.
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    You calling me a liar?!?! (from Big Daddy)
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    Wow, didn't see that coming. Glad it did though, I freaking hate Harrison.
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    charger fans are loving this.....pats fans gave them much grief during the meriman roid crap last year.
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    Roids are one thing. Harrison piped up and flat said that the only reason he used HGH was to try and accelerate the process of coming back from injuries he had sustained. Think about this- broke his arm in Super Bowl 38, back for the entire 04 season. Destroyed his knee in a freak accident against the Steelers in 05... came back last year. Got cheap-shotted in the season finale against Tennessee last year... said he could have come back for the Super Bowl.

    Look, I'm not going to defend him one iota. What Rodney did was wrong, WAY wrong, and he's owned up to it. I'm just saying you cannot compare this to steroids. Go ahead, jump all over me because I'm a Patriots fan.
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    For Christ's sake he did not get cheap shotted in Nashville last year... Wade was right in front of him and blocked him low. Legal.
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    :dunce: to Goodell (again). Way to show some incentive to players to come clean and solve the PED problem, just suspend em anyways.
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    That was a legal cut block.
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    How does everyone think these athletes are coming back from these major injuries that fast?You can't trace this crap in the bloodstream that well,so you'd have to be pretty stupid to leave a paper trail.Have a friend buy them for you,like most of the guys are doing.If you don't think whatever team you are rooting for doesn't have guys using this stuff to accelarate the healing process from injuries, than you live in a dream world.It will continue to be used by MANY injured players to get themselves back on the field as soon as possible.What's a 4 game suspension when they gained most of a season by using it.