Has Houston Decided Who To Take At Number One?

Discussion in 'NFL Draft Discussion' started by gohlmeyer, Mar 22, 2014.

  1. gohlmeyer

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    The Texans recent free agent acquisition of quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick may mean that Houston is coming to terms with what direction they may go with their first overall draft pick in May. Bringing along a veteran like Ryan Fitzpatrick should not have been in hopes that he will be the future of that position but […]

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  2. Aussie61

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    I don't think they have settled on any particular guy.If you look at what the other QB needy teams have done,all have signed a veteran guy.I think this is an indicator that teams feel like none of these rookies are day 1 starters.Also,there is depth in the QB class,but some great positional talent to be had as well.The teams drafting in the top 10 have made moves to give themselves flexibility,because on Draft day,anything can happen.
  3. gohlmeyer

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    By no means do I think they have decided. It's way too early for that. I just don't see them trying to go into next season with Fitzpatrick as their guy with no competition. I also think this is a better QB class that it gets credit for. The guys at the top are all potential starters and I do think Bridgewater will be able to start day one. As you said this is a deep QB class as well so they could decide to address the position later. While anything can happen, Houston has the possibility to take whoever they want so it's easier to speculate for the first overall pick.
  4. LitesOut13

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    They are all potential starters but Fitzpatrick has been a decent starter at times too. Schaub has thrown for 4,000 yards a few times in his career. You dont draft a guy #1 for the potential of a quality starter. The #1 pick should contribute right away and be a very good player. With that said, I only see Teddy and Bortles that are locks to be quality or better
  5. bigsexyy81

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    I have a feeling whoever passes on Clowney is gonna be pissed they did. Clowney and Watt, it's just silly to think about.
  6. Diesel44

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    I Think it will end up being clowney.
  7. LitesOut13

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    Mack is a better fit than Clowney. Clowney is too small to play the DE in a 3-4 defense and not going to be good enough in coverage or anything else to play OLB. Mack would be a beast opposite Watt