Have we been too hard on Moss?

Discussion in 'New England Patriots' started by mcrow, Jul 30, 2007.

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    From what it sounds like and according to Brady, Moss seems to be doing well at camp. Seems to playing hard and is in better shape than he has been the last few years.

    Yeah, when he was here in MN he caught a lot of flack for not playing hard and a couple off-field problems. I think that for the most part he didn't always play as hard as he could and often caused more of a distraction than he was worth.

    Now, he's where I try to make a point: It just him me it was the matter of him being so competitive that he couldn't stand to play for a team that was so obviously not on it's way to a Super Bowl. Just looking back at the 98 Vikings team when they had a legit chance of winning a super bowl, Moss was lights-out. He played hard and utterly destroyed defenses.

    however, after the 2000 season when the team started slipping and infact becoming a poorly run and managed team, Moss began to get more vocal and less motivated.

    Then he went to Oakland who are probly an even more dysfunctional team than the Vikings have ever been. His numbers and work ethic slipped even further. Sure, he had some injuries but he was less inclined to want to heal fast.

    So, what I think is that Moss's real issue is that he is so competitive that he really cannot stand to play for a team with no potential. Watch him this year when he playes for a team has a great chance to go to a super bowl. I think his whole attitude will change.
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    The sad part is some of these pro athletes bring this crap upon themselves. Randy Moss getting traded to New England probably was the best thing to ever happen to him because he now has someone to tell him to shut the hell up.
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    So what happens when the Pats are out of the running? I hated it when Oakland picked him up, and was smiling ear to ear when he left. This is the reason people dislike, no hate, some athletes.
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    :icon_ataunt: I think that Moss will be well out of his prime before the Patriots start sliding.

    can't blame him for wanting to play for a team taht is commited to winning.
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    On the contrary, I think the Pats start to slide toward the end of this year. It all starts with O-Line, and finally having to pay players what they are worth. I predict you'll see O-line Injuries this year, and you might want to check out the Pats free agency list for next year.

    There is a phrase, "Commited to winning"... Every team in the NFL is putting out the best product they can at that given time. Do they make mistakes, yeah. Hell every player & coach is a gamble. Some are bigger gambles than others... I don't think I need to list any. Your a smart guy.:icon_idea:
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    Well that sure sucks for you then...
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    This is the part of your post that interested me the most. Why did you bring up the O-line? The Patriots' five projected starters (Light, Mankins, Koppen, Neal, Kaczur) are all signed for at least the next two seasons, and the backups are no slouches either- Hochstein and O'Callaghan have been starters for the Pats and are constantly involved. Even if and when someone gets hurt on the line (Light and Koppen have each missed time the last two years), someone else just slides right in and the offense doesn't miss too much of a beat.

    Now then, as for Moss. I'm pretty sure I've talked about him on here, but if I haven't, here's my piece- the sooner he accepts the fact that he WILL NOT be the #1 option on every single pass play, the better he will be. Tom Brady's favorite receiver- and this has been documented ever since Troy Brown caught 101 passes in 2001- is the OPEN one. That's why no Pats receiver has 100 catches in a season since (although Brown had 97 in 2002, if I remember right). There's a reason the Patriots loaded up at WR this year- Stallworth, Welker, et al. If Moss starts freaking around like the twit he's acted like in the past few years, he will be shown the door.

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    Playing for Oakland would make anyone look bad.Even the money couldn't motivate Moss to play there. Pats stole him for a year for basically nothing,and if he plays well, fine.If not,they'll use him as a decoy on deep routes,or as a waterboy if he misbehaves.I really could see Moss finishing his career in New England if this year goes well,and he's happy.Basically,I'm taking a wait and see judgement on Moss.The he's "over the hill" bullcrap, I definitely don't believe.