Home of Eagles WR DeSean Jackson Burglarized in Philadelphia

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    The home of Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson was burglarized this week, Philadelphia police told the Associated Press on Saturday. The burglars made off with off with $250,000 in cash, $125,000 in jewelry and two handguns, according to Fox-29 in Philadelphia.

    Authorities aren't sure when the burglary occurred because Jackson's been out of town. Jackson's mom discovered that the house had been burglarized sometime early Saturday morning and called police.

    According to MyFoxPhilly.com, there were no signs of forced entry at the residence and police currently have no suspects. Jackson's mom did tell authorities that other people besides DeSean have access to the home. Apparently some of Jackson's friends also have access to the house.

    Source: http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on...wr-desean-jackson-burglarized-in-philadelphia
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    Just $250,000 in cash lying around...lol.
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    I suspect Andy Reid.
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    why would anybody leave 250k at home for any reason other than a pimp or drug dealer?
  5. 86WARD

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    No forced entry...if it was Reid, his size would've created what appeared to be "forced entry" on the door jams.
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    Clearly this is the work of Riley Cooper, super racist.
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    Think Jackson will want this $250,000 back as part of a bonus in his next contract?
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    Smells like an inside job.
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    Moms did it.
  10. Walnuts

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    Or maybe it was Donovan's mom. Times must be tight without that Chunky Soup dough rolling in.
  11. Sportsguy

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    why would you have that kind of money just lying around. thats what banks are for
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    his friends are some buttholes that's wats up
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    first cooper stole receptions and TD's but now this ?
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    Police dramatically revise estimate of cash stolen from DeSean Jackson

    According to Michael Newall of the Philadelphia Inquirer, only $20,000 was stolen.

    “This was a genuine mistake on our part,” police spokesman John Stanford said. “His mother was giving police what she thought was in the home. [T]hey interviewed Jackson, he knows what’s in his house, and he said, ‘No, that’s wrong.’ He told them what was missing.”

    But like so many other things associated with Jackson’s final weeks with the Eagles, this one doesn’t add up. If only $20,000 was stolen from Jackson, why did he offer (according to Jeff McLane of the Inquirer) a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators?

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    sounds like bullcrap to me. Sounds like he gave those guns to his gangbanger friends and reported them stolen to cover his ass. And leaving that much money in your house? Drug money. He needs to get new friends.
  16. Mike

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    big difference between 200k, and 20k. How do you mistake that, and why is this 'new' information just popping up now?