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  1. Cletusaurus

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    Look at when I posted, friend. There was absolutely nothing until late this morning, I posted last night. As it turned out, I was wrong. No biggie. But hey, whatever helps you feel cooler on the internet.
  2. Inclulbus

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    Don't need to feel cooler on the internet, just loved how you jumped the gun on it, sounding like T.O, haha.. Trust me, I don't want it to be true. I know Moss is already lying though, claiming he never hit a woman. Back when he was in high school he beat the crap out of a white girl, thats why everyone here hates him. Don't bother me at all, Thats his business. I just love what he does on the field, and what he did for MU. Pats got a few of my Marshall boys on the team, I keep up with 'em. Moss, Chris Hanson, Troy Brown, And Jason Rader.
  3. FSUViking

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    It's odd that she goes to her lawyer right away....and only goes to the doctor after he tells her to....and wants "not a penny less" than 500K? For a freaking hurt finger?!

    This snitch is out of her tree.
  4. BoltzRule

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    Obviously she's a gold digger, doesn't mean she's lying, maybe exaggerating the truth.
  5. Cletusaurus

    Cletusaurus YES! YES! YES!

  6. TDJets72027

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    All that for a broken finger? LOL what a cat.
  7. Bulluck53

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    Just wondering... how many times has he been reprimanded, although not convicted, since he began college?

    And how does that compare to Tank, Chris Henry and Pac?
  8. lostfan

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    I once saw Moss in person and I yelled out something to the effect of "you're a freaking butthole Randy!" and he turned his head to look and see who said it as he was getting into his hired car (the rest of the Raiders were on the team bus). I was like... man I hope he comes over here and kicks my butt for saying that. Man oh man.
  9. FSUViking

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    Easy. Moss has never been charged or convicted with a felony.
  10. Bulluck53

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    Just asking...
  11. BoltzRule

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    But he did almost run over a traffic cop.
  12. wide right

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    Something to the effect of? So what did you say, "Can I have your autograph please."