Houston Texans sign Andre Brown

Discussion in 'Houston Texans' started by rjpuckett, Apr 8, 2014.

  1. rjpuckett

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    The Houston Texans splashed into free agency again on Monday, improving their running back position by signing Andre Brown to a one year contract reportedly worth $645,000. Brown has played with the New York Giants the last two seasons, but had both seasons cut short by breaking his left leg each season. In my last […]

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  2. LebaneseFF

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    Fantasy steal this year. Trust me on this. you want ANDRE BROWN in the 7th-8th round
  3. markaz

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    Nice write-up. I agree that Brown is an excellent signing for the Texans and didn't have to break the bank to get him. Well done, Houston.
  4. rjpuckett

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    I have had Brown on some of my fantasy teams the last two years and he does produce. Part of that was probably him being with the Giants who run the ball more than some other teams. Hopefully he will get some touches this year like he has in the past and escapes the injury bug. He produces when he gets carries.

    Thanks for the kind words markaz.