How Jags, Texans and Titans caught up to Colts

Discussion in 'Indianapolis Colts' started by TDJets72027, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. TDJets72027

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  2. tigersucs

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    Tennessee and Jacksonville are getting back after being in cap hell for a few years. Houston is just playing better and should be better over the next few years. Division games will go a long way in deciding it this year. All 4 could have 6 wins outside the division and possibly even 8-10. This could be an all 8-8 or better division with the divisional tiebreakers determining the winners.
  3. bizell

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    caught up to the colts? naah, not yet.
  4. Texan_Bill

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    Beleive me, I'm happy with my team's improvement and some of the personnel changes... But "catch the Colts".... Nope, not yet and not really that close yet either.
  5. Bulluck53

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    We (all three teams) really have caught up with the Colts in the sense that we can now play with them. All three teams beat Indy last year and have a better chance of doing so this year.
  6. BarlOwens

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    they caught up? is that why they are all at least 1 1/2 games behind them right now?
  7. lruddicks

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    yea but indy has to play full 60 min to win now instead of 30 min and go home.
  8. Aviator

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    It's probably a good thing the Colts get a bye so they can have two weeks to prepare for the Jags. If theirs a team that can dethrone the Colts, it's the Jags. I watched that Chiefs game, and i was impressed with Garrads patience in the pocket. He's able to move just enough, almost Peyton like, to get away from pressure. Then get the ball out quick. And of course the Jags defense is amazing as always.
  9. tigersucs

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    Jacksonville will give Indy a run after the bye week. As Aviator pointed out the Jags defense has always been tough. The Pittsburgh game should be a fun one as it always is.
  10. Chrisbob

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    Not so much them catching up, but they are improving and the AFC South looks a dogfight this year, no one below 0.500 now and they won't be for at least another week. By seasons end, one or two of these teams will be wishi9ng they were in the AFC West (maybe the Jags given they have already beaten the Chiefs and Broncos).
  11. BarlOwens

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    at this point, you may see that division send 3 to the playoffs....with the rest of the divisions looking ugly...the East has the Pats and thats it...the West is a dogfight for 8-8 and a division title...the North is the steelers and Ravens, but the Ravens might not have enough in the tank to get that last spot from the 3rd place South squad...
  12. Garnett

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    I like the improvement they have made. Jags have had a very good def for years and Tenn is developing one now too.

    I'm not ready just yet to write San Diego off for not winning 10 or 11 games.