How Relevant Is The NFL Combine?

Discussion in 'NFL Draft Discussion' started by Aussie61, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. Aussie61

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    So what do you think GIFers?
    Is the combine a big deal to you or just an NFL sham to keep from losing the media spotlight?
    I'm interested to hear what people think and throw some opinions around.My opinion is that it is a load of baloney apart from the interview process.Teams and their scouting departments have tons of film & scouting reports to work with and evaluate,but the only way to see what makes a guy tick,his personality,football IQ,the only way to get a line on that is to sit down and talk.
    All the stuff that happens in shorts and t shirt is meaningless to me.So a guy can run fast,but can he catch,will he hang in there when he knows a Safety is looking to blow him up,can he release from the line of scrimmage?
    How well does a CB do in coverage,and can he play in different schemes?Those are the things that matter on a Sunday,not who runs fastest or does the most bench presses.
  2. Jihad Joe

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    Matters alot actually. You just dont understand it. The agility are very necessary in evaluating players. The drills go along way into validating the film on a player. A scout needs to look at both the film and a players physical performance to accurately judge whether a player has the physical ability to play VS elite athletes in the NFL. If a WR blew up college, but has a weak 10 yard split ( much more important then a 40 for a WR) he is likely going to struggle accelerating off the line in the NFL. Likewise is a WR has great measurables but poor tape, he likley isnt going to contribute much in the NFL

    So yes, the combine is VERY important
  3. 86WARD

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    I'd say it's EXTREMELY IMPORTANT as far as evaluating talent goes. You are right...there are "measurables" that aren't assessable at the combine and they need to be valuated threw tape review and preseason workouts, but the combine itself as it comes to the GM's, scouts and coaches is extremely important. As far as the NFL televising it and promoting it? Meh...
  4. Omen

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    It's Not as important as they make it out to be. It's a bunch of guess works.

    Bunch of college athletes running around in their drawers.
  5. ragman

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    Agreed, Omen.
  6. Buck Fenson

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    It shows if you have the speed and quickness to play in today's game but most workout warriors don't make it long.
  7. DaBearsrule4ever

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    Me personally, I don't think the combine is a big deal these days but not laying an egg at the combine would also help.
  8. Buck Fenson

    Buck Fenson formerly Jake from State Farm

    If you are a bonafide star then the combine holds no purpose for you except getting on SportsCenter. Wayyy back in the day, before the explosion of the internet, the combine was how a lot of players were seen by teams. Now it is really pretty much redundant. And also the NFL gets to see what drugs the players are doing.
  9. TJ

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    In the other thread we were taking about JaMarcus Russell being a 2nd round pick at best...then he lighted it up in the Combine and the Raiders fell for him.
  10. Buck Fenson

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    Which goes to show you the combine is not all that. Good for a very few.
  11. Steve12

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    I think the combine is relevant as another tool to evaluate talent, obviously. But I think it's valued too highly compared to game tape.

    And the 40 yard dash is the most meaningless drill on the planet for almost every position, yet it continues to be the most quoted statistic every year. It's so stupid.
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  12. Buck Fenson

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    And then we would miss this

  13. Buck Fenson

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  14. Diesel44

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    Important to indianapolis send the league goes there and spends millions there.I see it as a chance for guys who would not have had a lot of attention and are not well known to get a little attention and make a name for themselves.
  15. LitesOut13

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    Many teams have their boards already set up. The combine can help show who has made improvements since the season ended. But it is more hype for people to talk about but behind closed doors they dont value it as much as people think. Only way they would is if someone shocks them, good or bad
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  16. markaz

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    I think it's absolutely ridiculous how far the combine has gone in evaluating players.

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  17. Buck Fenson

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    I like how his hand is around the erect side.
  18. ragman

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    In today's Dallas Morning News sports section, columnist Rick Gosselin has a column on the NFL combine and he mentions two players who he feels should have been invited but weren't.. SMU QB Garrett Gilbert and North Texas WR Brelan Chancellor. He ends his column by pointing out one familiar name of a current NFL player that also wasn't invited to the combine. His name? Wes Welker. He's done pretty well for himself.
  19. smeags

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    was the league able to fucntion prior to the combine ?
  20. Buck Fenson

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    define fucntion?