How To Have A Rotating Sig Pic

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    Ok, this is a question I get from time to time so I hope people find this useful now and down the road:

    How do you setup a rotating sig pic? These were the instructions I used on the site for my sig:

    To use this though you have to have access to hosting the images and having admin access on a server. So that solution will work for about 1% of the users here. So how do people with no admin access get the same effect? Well, there's a solution for you. You can use Sig image hosting services like:

    Now these aren't corporations who have cash on hand to fund their endeavours, so these can and sometimes do have issues. Some will also require you to have a image hosting account you can link to, or limit you to certain ones. But there are options that shouldn't cost a dime to run with the right setup. Finding the right one is up to you all, so let me know if any of you try any of the options out and let us know the good, the bad and the ugly about 'em.
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    I'll definitely try this out.
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    Here's a test run...

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    Not seeing anything...
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    You're not allowed to have a rotating sig unless the subject matter is same or equal to Steve
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    Can't get it to work right now Maybe that is why.