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    They are taking it on the road PERMANENTLY.

    A Message From TNA President Dixie Carter - IMPACT Goes On The Road - YouTube

    This is absolutely one of the biggest and best announcements in the history of the show. This is going to help them out very much in my opinion. The way it is going to work is that they are going to do 2 shows every city. 1 of the shows is going to be live and the other will be taped. This is how RAW used to do it when they took it on the road. I love this move for TNA and they are starting it after Lockdown which could have some really memorable moments.
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    Wait, wheres the huge tits and ass?
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    To me it's the right move the Impact Zone just feel so flat when I see shows from it. So get out and get some energy on the show. I just hope it works for them
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    I Still hate hogan,regardless of how this turns out for TNA! i think the dude looks and acts way too creepy around his daughter!