I Hate Some Redskins "fans"

Discussion in 'Washington Redskins' started by HailttRedskins, Dec 9, 2009.

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    This is just going to be a rant because frankly, I'm sick of a lot of out "great fans" or whatever they like to label themselves. Now first off, I'll be the first one to admit it's hard cheering on a losing team because you always know they're going to find a way to lose or do something wrong, but the thing is, you have to stand behind them.

    Over this past season I have seen just about everything you could see out of piss poor fans. I've seen some hoping that the Redskins lose every game for the rest of the season. I've seen some saying they actually sell their tickets to opposing fans on purpose. Some who want to wear black. Booing the team. They aren't going to renew their season tickets, etc.

    All of which I might add are a joke.

    i) Lose the rest of the year? Seriously what fan hopes for that? I know some are hoping for a higher draft pick and what not, but seriously, I could NEVER want my team to ever lose out for the rest of the year, I couldn't and personally I don't consider anyone a fan who says things along that line.

    ii) Selling your tickets to opposing fans? WHAT THE FREAK! I can understand selling your tickets to an opposing fan as a last minute deal, you couldn't find anyone, you found some dude who likes the Saints or whoever so you sold it to them. That's not what these people were talking about, they were literally going out to find opposing teams fans and selling it to them. Trying to make a point to Snyder. All that does is piss me off even more when I have to sit around a bunch of idiots.

    ii) Wearing black is what I love. Because this is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. They started this whole, wear black thing when it started to get cold out. Most people own black jackets, scarfs, etc and as we all know black will keep you warmer. So using the weather to their advantage just kinda pissed me off, but its whatever, it didn't work out well for them anyways.

    iv) Booing the team is probably what pisses me off the most. We're having a bad season, this isn't the first time and it wont be the last. Booing the team does nothing, but make the matter worse. I mean if you are having a bad day, would you like someone to come over and just start kicking you while you are down because that's pretty much the equivalent to booing the team.

    v) Not renewing the season tickets only pisses me off because they never do it, they always buy them, then when crap goes bad they snitch. Well stop spending your damn money, problem is they wont so it's kind of an never ending snitch fest.

    The one thing that drives me crazy is the people who don't own season tickets and snitch. You know the team hasn't been doing good, they haven't since week one of the season. Did you think everything was going to change because your butt in which the world revolves around is sitting in the stands? Better yet, the people who do own season tickets. I own four and a parking pass, I'm sure I've spent more than most people in that stadium. For the ones who sit in the Lodge, Club Level or Lower Level / Dream Seats, they have money out the yahoo so I'm not really even going to bother listening to them. If you spend over 15K for season tickets, you clearly are rich. Not saying you aren't upset that you aren't getting your money worth, but it's not really hurting you.

    11:30am this past game, this is what the Parking lot looked like, it was quite sad to say the least:


    I guess I get pissed off so much because I think you should support the team whether they are good or bad, whether its cold or hot, etc. Not just showing up during the good years and when the weather is to your liking.
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    so what do you suggest ? cheer a losing team after spending at least a couple hundred dollars on a ticket & parking & food, just so the lousy players/coaches/gm/owner don't get their feelings hurt ?
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    i think alot fans dislike some of our own fans whether it be besoause of the things they do (see HHTR's rant) or they say some dumbass things i think you covered that too

    i hear you
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    I suggest they don't show up at all. The players, coaches, etc aren't going to change the way they're doing things just because they are there. They can stay at home and watch the game for free.

    I seriously think some of these people show up just in hope to be able to boo the team.
  5. smeags

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    oh ok, so a stadium full of steppford wives that don't voice any displeasure over what they are seeing week after week, year after year would better serve the franchise ?

    well, if that's what you choose that's fine for you but those fans that boo have just as much right to snitch about the team as you do about them for booing.
  6. HailttRedskins

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    I don't think you understand what I'm saying.

    If this were week 1 or 2, I wouldn't have a problem. We're going on to week 14, nothing had changed with the team, I think we can all agree on that. By this time of the season they shouldn't be using the, I paid money, etc excuse because they can sell their tickets if they own season tickets or if they don't, they don't have to buy tickets at all.

    I go to the games because I'm going to support this team through thick and thin. I think it's just stupid to go to a game just to boo. Sell your tickets or don't buy tickets, saves you gas money driving to the stadium, buying food etc.
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    Every team has bad fans that their true fan base can't stand. However, I see nothing wrong with booing the product on the field if they aren't performing to the level they should be.
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    i agree wth dat too
  9. TJ

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    Funny. I hate all Redskins fans.
  10. I have met some of the most Homeric Redskin fans you'll ever come across. But at least they were loyal to their team. True and loyal fans ride out the bad years and into the good ones. Fairweather fans really freaking annoy the hell out of me. They love them when there winning and drop them when there losing. Freaking pathetic.
  11. Garnett

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    Being a lifetime MD resident, I can honestly say that every fan I know or have met, loves the Redskins. They hate how the team is being run and has performed. These, as well as you, are the people that pay the players salary, owners revenue stream, the stadium that's screwed up traffic for 12 years running. The product is crap, the management is worse and the product and especially MANAGEMENT needs to not only see, but feel that displeasure so they make a right decision once in awhile.

    As a Cowboy fan, I know what it's like to be run by a narcisstic rich dude who thinks he knows everything and acts accordingly. I've wanted Jerry Jones to fire himself from GM for years. I haven't stopped rooting for Dallas. I can't stand our yearly December disaster. I still am wearing my Cowboy hat and will still root for them next year once they miss the playoffs this year. I'm finally glad Redskin fans are being as realistic. They're some of the most homeristic group of people I've ever seen.
  12. HailttRedskins

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    The only reason I have a problem is because these people continue to show up just to boo. For instance, if you were a Redskins fan and someone came up to you and said, hey man, I'll sell you my tickets for this weeks game, would you buy them knowning how they're performing?

    It just doesn't seem logical to do if it's all a money thing to you. I mean I have more of a right to be pissed than anyone considering I've paid for the Season Tickets etc. A loss is a loss, but I've taken a much bigger hit.

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    Don't worry TJ, we hate you too buddy.
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    I disagree with this entire post. Fans can do whatever the hell they want to do with their tickets if they paid for them. Why the hell should they put up with a slop of crap that they're paying good money for? If they feel that it is in the franchise's best interest to lose games now for a better future in the long term than they are simply thinking ahead and planning for the long term rather than the short term which is meaningless.

    Being a fan of a team is no different than being a customer of a business. If you go out to dinner and pay top dollar for a great meal and it comes out late and it's cold food, do you sit there and cheer any way and still pat the manager and the chef on the back just because it's your favorite restaurant? No, you tell them that they're slipping on their service and the way they cook their food for loyal customers. You voice your displeasure expecting that they will get it right and fix the problem.

    If fans want to sell their tickets, I don't blame them. I wouldn't go to a Redskins game right now other than to tailgate if I was a fan of that franchise. The Redskins looked like a bad sinking ship last season and they haven't done squat about trying to find a new QB for the last two years when it's been evident that Jason Campbell won't ever be a good QB over there. Then they way over paid for one of the most overrated CB's in the league in Deangello Hall right after he was so piss poor that even Al Davis didn't want any part of him anymore. It was a typical Dan Snyder move.

    And another thing I don't understand is how you're mad at fans that have season tickets and snitch, but then you also complain about fans who don't have season tickets and snitch as well? Well what fans are allowed to snitch then? The ones that don't even live the city? Fans that are passionate about their team are gonna snitch. That means they want to win and have some success. Nothing is wrong with that.

    And I'm not trying to bash the Redskins or anything, but I can totally understand why a lot of fans of that franchise are pissed. They should be. Snyder hasn't made that many great decisions in the last few years. I'm a Texans fan, and I desperately want them to get embarrassed the next few games and lose. Why do I want that? Well if they don't then we'll have Kubiak next year and the entire franchise will most likely fall apart because the guy sucks as a HC. I'd rather watch my team suffer at the end of this season for a greater good next year and the years following then to risk becoming a total bottom feeder which will most likely happen if we don't get a new HC in this off season. I can totally understand what a lot of Redskins fans are going through and why they are frustrated right now. They should be.
  14. HailttRedskins

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    I'm mad at people who have season tickets and snitch about their money because they can sell those tickets on ebay, craigslist, local places, etc to get some money back for what they paid. Whether it's face value or not, some profit is better than none.

    The ones who buy tickets I get pissed with because they know how the team has been playing and they shouldn't think because they bought tickets to the game that the team is going to play any different for them.

    Fans can snitch, show displeasure etc, I don't think booing the team, that is full of injuries and going through a tough time is the way to do it though. Most fans are pissed at Snyder and Cerrato. How does booing the players that are trying to do something the right way to go about it?

    They did a thing here where they mailed in their fancards or some bullcrap. That is the correct way to go about it, it shows displeasure with Snyder etc, but doesn't tell the players on the team heck you.
  15. Texxx

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    Mailed in fan cards? What are fan cards? That sounds like a good idea. I might mail one in to Bob Mcnair hoping that he will get the message and fire Kubiak, so we can find a competent HC.
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    Let me see if I can find it for you, one second.

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    This is the best I could find:


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    BTW. They sent thousands of these out to local news outlets as well as ESPN.
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    yeah, writing a note to the front office is going to change things .... please, stop. snyder could give hecks about you or any other fan as long as his pockets keep getting filled. the only way to change things there is to voice your opinions at the games in any form you feel short of getting tossed. he needs to hear it at the games.
    you know it was getting to him, that's why he tried to stop signs at the games.

    not to worry though HTTR, as this rate there wont be any booing coming from the home fans, it will be coming from the growing number of opposing fans.
  18. HailttRedskins

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    Dude they sent these to every media outlet in the DC, VA and MD area, they all reported on it. Local stations, Comcast Sportsnet, ESPN, Washington Post, etc. Snyder is getting embarrassed and considering he can't stop any of them from reporting it I know it's pissing him off hardcore.

    Our fans have always been known to snitch out when the season gets rough, doesn't bother me I'm use to it now with my season tickets. Hence the reason I call all of them out on it. They aren't there every game, but $100 says if we're doing good they'll be there claiming to be the great fan they've always been. Except when it's a bad year or the weather isn't nice.

    People have still been sneaking in things at the Redskins games. Hell a couple of games, the section in front of the owners box the section started chanting Snyder Sucks. If something doesn't happen after this year, man it's going to be B A D. Though Snyder is an idiot about a lot of things, I don't think he's going to play around with losing an entire fanbase or a good majority of it. Could be wrong, but well find out either way.
  19. smeags

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    so then the fan behavior may actually be helping ?

    i hear what you're saying in this thread and while i may not agree with of all of it i respect your opinion on it.
  20. HailttRedskins

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    Booing the team is what I don't like. If you want to chant Snyder sucks, flick him off, take in signs about him, that's all fine about me.

    I don't go to Redskins games to cheer on Snyder, I go there for the players on the field. That's why when people boo I get pissed. I understand why they boo, they're booing Snyder and stuff or the coaches play calling, not a problem, but the players are down there and I'm sure they're feeling it too. They know they're doing crap, then with the people who are suppose to stand behind you are booing at you, sure doesn't help.

    Never have had a problem with stuff to Snyder, Cerrato, coaching staff, front office etc.