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    Last year was his worst year and he was dinged up quite a bit. He still had 43 receptions for 373 yards. That's up there for RB receiving stats. Combine that with his 1000 yards on the ground and that was his worst season. His rookie year he caught 61 balls for 485 yards and ran for almost 1700. He doesn't get big time interest because he's never put up double digit TDs. That probably has more to do with his team than him.
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    The Niners as a whole stink in the short game. I think Gore was something like 4/10 or 4/11 on short yardage when the team needed a yard or less? Some of those down around the goal line...
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    I may grab him
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    I don't know if I'd grab him at the 9th slot in the first or second round...
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    The OL for SF has looked very good at run blocking this preseason. Keep in mind that the passing game was terrible when Gore had a breakout year. Part of the reason people should view him as a legit first rounder is that Raye has been implementing a Norv style offense, which suited Gore extremely well. The last two years saw an epically disastrous OC in Hostettler and Martz, whose philosophy was completely mismatched to the personnel. Barring injury (which is a moderate concern), Gore should have little problem being a top 10 back.

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    gore's going to be a beast this year - mark it down.
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    This was the team I came away with

    Not too happy with this team, but let me know what you think.

    12 man league ($100)
    PPR League

    QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, Flex (RB/WR), TE, K, DST


    QB: Donovan McNabb

    RB: Brian Westbrook
    RB: Frank Gore

    WR: Wes Welker
    WR: Brandon Marshall
    WR: Kevin Walter

    TE: Chris Cooley

    K: Rob Bironas

    DST: Pittsburgh

    QB: Matt Hasselback
    RB:Jamal Lewis
    RB: Darren Sproles
    WR: Isaac Bruce
    WR: Joey Galloway
    TE: Todd Heap
    K: Rob Bironas

    All feedback is welcome, and appreciated.
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    Depth is an issue at RB and WR, be ready to work the waiver wire.
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    I think I would go with Slaton over Gore. Gore had a poor showing in pre-season(even though that doesn't really matter much in regular season play), but also a guy named Coffee is breathing down Gore's neck for carries and short yardage carries.
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    he's really not. 49ers are ready to put the work on Gore.

    [​IMG]49ers offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye reiterated Tuesday that the team's offense will be run through Frank Gore.
    "This ballclub is going to be run by No.21," said Raye. "It was never going to be that the lead dog in this race was going to be the quarterback. The bell cow in this operation will be No.21." What Raye was trying to say here is they are going to ride Gore like a horse.


    Slaton will not play in short yardage and red zone offense, which will greatly reduce his TD totals. Gore is the far better play.
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    Does my team have any shot Mike?
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    I like your starting lineup being that it's a ppr, but your bench is bordering on horrid. Hass, lewis and heap are bums. Are there any #1 WR's on the waiver wire, schilens, morgan, gage, I just don't trust bruce or galloway at all and it looks like you are going to need a sub for walter this week.
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    I guess Gore has answered all the questions in this thread. He's a beast!