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  1. wide right

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    What's your favorite draft position?
    I was looking back at my league's history (cool new option on Yahoo this year) and just starting evaluating my olds drafts. Here's my draft position history:
    2006: #4
    2005: #10
    2004: #9
    2003: #1
    2002: #3
    Somehow I always end up on the flip or close to it. I've never experienced the 5-7 middle of the draft slot. Someday I want to draft 5th or 6th. I kinda like the 2 picks in a row on the flip but if you're early in the round the wait for that round 2 pick seems forever. Plus I think the guy in the middle is getting more value with his picks. I guess that's what makes the first 4 rounds of the draft so important.
  2. happ

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    Honestly, the first 3 picks are where it's at. There is a huge dropoff after the top 2 or 3 RBs. Not only that, you are in prime position for the next set of flip picks, which are nice. The only bad thing about about picking early, is that your stud HAS to perform, or your team is doomed. If I am not the first 3, I prefer the end of the first round, as your depth is better and you still get the flip picks, helping to ensure the guy you are targeting isn't selected on the pick prior to yours.
  3. Rips Vikes

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    It's always great to get a sure-fire stud but sometimes being in the middle will bring you two studs to start with. It really depends on the people you are drafting with and what type of league it is.
  4. GawdZeeRaa

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    Truly. My best draft was probably picking fourth in a 10, but I've had good ones at 6 in a 10 and 8 in a 12. I was third in a 16 and ended up with absolute butt.
  5. afjay

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    I've won with pic #2 and pic #8, it doesn't make that much difference as long as you can adjust your strategy for what position you're in.
  6. DoubleC

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    The best position is the one that allows you to pick Tomlinson.

    Seriously, I just got the 7th position in a 12 team league. I'll miss the top 5 RBs but I still should get two studs at this position.
  7. wide right

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    You're better off at 7. Like you said you'll easily get 2 stud rbs and 2 serviceable WRs in the first 4 rounds. In a 12 teamer if you draft LT, your 2nd round pick won't be until 24 picks later. What the hell is left by then?
  8. Chrisbob

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    I quite like drafting late in the first round and being on the flip so getting two picks on the bounce. Ok, you have zero chance of the elite players but given runners are always popular and usually only one or two QB's are gone I'll get a runner who is still pretty good and then try and best the rush on the very top QB's (although Manning has usually gone).