Ideal QB lineup for this wknd

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    First of all, thanks to everyone for all their great advice over the years. Greatly appreciated.

    Now time to win.

    I have a QB problem this wknd. I have Tannehill (vs NO), Mayfield (vs Bal) and Darnold (vs Pit). I basically need two of them - one as a QB and one as a superflex. I don’t really have anyone else for the superflex and the waiver is pretty bare other than Will Grier.

    Suggestions? Potential waiver fliers? 12 team league so most of the “sleepers” are already on rosters.
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    Lol trust me he was on my radar but got scooped off waivers before me.

    My only QB “advantage” is that he’s starting Trubisky and Allen who have tough matchups as well.