IMPACT Results for February 13th, 2015

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    Kurt Angle opens the show in the ring. Austin Aries and Gunner are joining with Angle to eliminate The BDC. Bobby Lashley comes out and shakes hands with Angle. Angle said it’s time for him to get a title shot again. The BDC come out wearing matching attire but get chased off after some promos.

    Bobby Roode defeated Austin Aries by submission. Roode grabbed the mic after the match but Eric Young laid him out and left him laying with a piledriver.

    Time for a Bootcamp angle as Al Snow comes out to major heat and massive Grado chants. Grado has the biggest pop of the night so far. Al called out Grado and challenged him to a match at the next telecast.

    Bram squashed Crazzy Steve and called out Magnus but he never showed up.

    EC3 and Tyrus defeated Rockstar Spud, Mark Andrews and Jeremy Borash in a handicap match. At one point, EC3 yelled “Rockstar Spud, it’s scalping time!” The crowd was really into this match. Jeremy Borash jumped from the top rope. EC3 pinned Spud for the win and tried to shave his hair after the match. The lights went out and Mr. Anderson was in the ring to a huge pop. Anderson took out EC3 and hit a low blow on Tyrus.

    Madison Rayne out next for a promo. Says she’s only one title win away from being TNA’s most decorated Knockout. Awesome Kong interrupts and squashes her in a match.

    Matt Hardy came out and said The Revolution has injured Jeff Hardy. James Storm and crew come out and said he did something even The Undertaker couldn’t do, put Jeff Hardy out of action. Hardy and Storm brawl but Hardy gets beat down by The Revolution. The Wolves ended up making the save to a big pop, taking out Sanada as The Revolution fled.

    Samoa Joe and MVP defeated Kurt Angle and Lashley. Angle accidentally hits Lashley, which allows MVP to get the pin. Afterwards, Angle and Lashley have a stare down.
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    Isn't Angle about 50 now?
  3. 86WARD

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    Is the undertaker on impact? This wrestling sounds way better than wwe...
  4. markaz

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  5. Mike S.

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    Here is a recent pic of the undertaker
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    He's like in his late forties and looks like he's 60! Definitely looks used up. Read something somewhere that he's considering retirement.
  7. 86WARD

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    Good gosh he looks old...

    It's weird that they would mention the undertaker if he's not in their line up. No?
  8. WC Jerome

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    He'll actually be 50 next month.
  9. markaz

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    Looks like 50 going on 70. I hope he hangs it up for his own good.