Is Ray Farmer Paving WR Josh Gordon's Path Out Of Cleveland?

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    While Johnny Manziel remains a story in Cleveland, so, too, does Josh Gordon. Browns general manager Ray Farmer said Wednesday that he doesn't think a superstar receiver is crucial to a team's success, which doesn't necessarily bode well for [Gordon's] long-term future with the club. Gordon, who's contract is up after next season, is facing a year-long drug ban from the NFL for failing a marijuana test, according to ESPN. "I would say 'how important are those guys?'" Farmer told radio partner 92.3 The Fan. "Name the last big-time receiver to win a Super Bowl. Name the last mega-guy. (Gordon) matters to me because I like the guy and I think he's a really good player, but at the end of the day, when you look at the teams that have these mega-receivers, name the last guy that won a Super Bowl?"

    Source: The Plain Dealer
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    Send him to pittsburgh...i'll take the