is the ADP adjusted based on your league settings?

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    I am in a PPR league that is also QB friendly (6pts for TD's) and drafting 7th in a 14 team league. The ADP for P. Manning is 11 but he has the most Proj Pts second and third with points are Brees and Rodgers. Their ADP 25 and 26 respectively but I don't see them lasting that long in the draft. If Brees and Rodgers do drop to their ADP then I could pick them up in the 2nd rd and draft someone other than P. Manning in the first rd which would result in a higher proj pts. So my guess is that ADP is not adjusted based on individual league settings, correct?
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    ADP is the average draft position overall - and it varies ever so slightly by give you a pretty good idea of the general area a guy will go.. until about the 3rd round it start going right out the window.. lol

    Here I wrote this for you -
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    thx Kurt. I can't see Lacy grouped with the top 4 RB's nor can I ignore that if I draft Brees or Rodgers in the 1st rd I'll be +70 pts. Based on my tiers the higher proj pts are at WR as compared to RB's so unless there is a run I'll draft QB/WR/WR then focus on RB's. I drafton 8/23 and will post my results.
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    What I said was "Round 1 (#7 for you) – Top Tier RB – AKA (Forte, AP, McCoy, Charles, Lacey) – if these guys are gone plus a QB – take Brees or Rodgers – let someone else risk Peyton against a much much harder schedule this year."

    Chances are Brees will make it back to you if you take Lacey. And Lacey could very well finish the #1 RB in fantasy this season. Remember he produced top 10 fantasy numbers carrying his team while Rodgers was out... as a rookie!! Add to that the Improved O line (Head coach said this is the best line they have had since he's been in GB) plus Rodgers at QB hopefully for the entire season. 1,400 yards milking the clock with the lead, protecting their prize QB along with 14 touchdowns is more than top 5 and very easy to envision. Lacey also can catch... But if you can't see it, fine, just don't be blinded by home town favorites or whatever is bugging you about Lacey.

    Round 2 – Top Tier WR if Brees or Rodgers is gone or you took one of them in round 1 – AKA D. Thomas, Calvin J, B Marshall etc
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    Wow, you are sold on Lacey. If available I'll give him a go and cross my fingers that Brees will be there. Thx Kurt. 1 hr till the draft, will post results.
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    how did the draft go? post results here or new thread for sure.