"It's not torture, it's building confidence!"

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    Leave it to Rich Tuten to say something like that. I mean, the dude is more like the angry drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket than a coach. But since strength and conditioning is his domain, he has vowed that our player's constitution will not come between Denver and another Super Bowl ring.

    "A strength coach is only good if he makes people do more than they would do on their own. I try to make things challenging to them."

    -- Rich Tuten 7/12/07​

    And how does he 'challenge' them? Well, one way is to make them face "The Beast." The Beast is a 300 pound wooden sled that players must push 25 yards across a grass field (with no wheels). Think that's rough? Try doing it twelve times!

    Players hate The Beast. In fact, it's the most feared tool Tuten has at his disposal.

    "Knowing Tuten, there is a little bit of sadistic stuff going on there. But it all has value going into the season, going into camp. You get your legs ready."

    -- Chris Myers 7/12/07​

    If you don't believe The Beast is really that bad. Check out the CBS4 video coverage of the players pushing it (I can post the link here, so you'll have to swing over the blog for the video link).

    Wait til the end of the video, when you see Herculean men doubled over on the field gasping for breath -- then tell me it's a piece of cake... And to think that the Raiders are complaining about THEIR practices! :D
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    Some people will try to justify anything.
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    No pain - No gain

    They need as much condition as they can get, playing at Mile High, and that WILL give them the edge as locals. Let's repeat 2005 season, 8-0 at home, instead of last year's mediocre 4-4.
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    Here! Here! :pidu:
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    You picked a very appropriate screenname.
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    You and my wife both agree on that point! :icon_lol:
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    I miss the Broncos of old that would just stand up and smack you in the mouth and not back down from anyone... Which reminds me of an old photo I used to have that was of a little bronco talking smack to a big raider... (If anyone has this pic, please help...) Seems to me it was something like Rick Upchurch and Otis Sistrunk..but I really can't remember for sure... it reminded me of one of those "Last great act of defiance" posters or something. Anyway... I hope he puts some kick butt ... heck you .. attitude back into these Broncos... Sometimes I think these guys get paid too much and then forget how to really play the game.
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    yeah he did
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    You didn't. It should be FGJets...or PuntJets...or 3nOutJets.